Chapter 4Mature

Riding back to headquarters didn’t deserve a conversation. Neither one of the ranking officers spoke to one another. Even the non-commissioned kept silent. Most had a deep rooted hatred for their top ranked. They both parted their separate ways for the night. Shiva took to the showers and Gognish took to other activities. One part of the party spent time yelling at new initiates into the Amazon unit. The other took to screaming for other reasons.

“Aya! Aya!”

“Eric! Yes! Yes! YES! Fuck me!”

The neighbors didn’t share the off duty officer’s enthusiasm. Eric and Aya always kept up the neighbors. Sex was always interesting when both people involved had more than one arm. Oh the possibilities. Both were done by now and laying side by side. Eric was amazing as always. Not shocking though. He was a medical officer. He understood a body.

The man knew where to touch to get a woman going strong. Too bad the same wreckage was applied to their bedroom. Pictures were on the floor. Vases smashed. Even the flat screen had been knocked over. When they got it on it was always a freight train event.

“You ever worked in porn?” asked a wife.

“You’re the one who wears spandex. Don’t get me started on those glass heels you got in the closet,” responded the exhausted doctor.

A loud laugh came before the rebuttal. “You brought me those damn things. I never wear them. Well, at least not when you’re around.”

“Oh, really, who do you wear them for then? V?”

“She is my superior officer Eric. Besides, she’s crazy. Did you read the report from the raid?”

Eric didn’t want to respond. Understandable. A naked man probably didn’t want to talk about dead babies after sex. It was a bad omen when miscarriages were thought about. That wasn’t a worry. Aya was pregnant. She’d stop serving during the third month and remain inactive for up to a year after she had the baby.

Strange that she had sex in such an early stage of pregnancy. Most women or children for that matter wouldn’t even want that to happen. Aya’s body was different though. She could withstand a lot. She didn’t even vomit once. At least, not so far.

“Yes, I read the report. My brother is the coroner. Baby, why not just get a transfer? You’re only going to be active for one more month. Go to a logistics unit. No need for you to pursue special forces. You ain’t much of a fighter,” he suggested.

Aya turned her head away from him. They already had this discussion. She cared not to have it again. Special forces was the love of her life. As long as she remained a knight she’d stay with the Amazons. There was a sense of pride and a feeling of duty that couldn’t be explained. The Indian loved what she did and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

But when it concerned trading superior officers, well, that was a different matter. V, or Captain Shiva to Aya, wasn’t a good leader. Yes, in terms of service, quoting regulation and following orders there wasn’t a better knight available. But when it came to being human and conserving what little humanity that poor soul had Shiva had the reputation of being a soulless bitch.

“Can we not talk about this honey? Please? It’s just going to lead to another argument. I don’t need it,” she pleaded.

Her husband wasn’t going to hear it. He got out of bed and walked over to the mirror. Aya prepared her eyes. She knew she was going to cry. He’d yell at her. Despite the stress possibly harming their child.

“And just why the fuck not, Aya? I’m not about to allow their crazy woman to put you in situations where you can be hurt. I’m not just worried about your safety anymore. There are three or us now. I don’t want you serving with her. She’s fucking nuts. She needs help. I’m a doctor. I know this shit.”

The first tear. Only one though. That’s a lot better than the last time. He almost got the urge to strike his wife.

“Eric, please, I--”

The last thing they needed was to hear her cell phone go off. He knew what that meant. Work was calling her. They both were the kind of officers that remained on call during day and night. And they both had to answer the call of duty. Still, it couldn’t come at a more unwanted time.

“You kidding me, right? This is a joke? No, no, no, wait,” he said. Eric smiled and turned his head from left to right. He was hoping to see something. “I’m smiling but I don’t see a red light. Tell me I’m on fucking candid camera Aya. They’re calling you at two A.M.?! You’re a married woman who is pregnant!” he shouted at her.

Against her mind’s urges she flipped open her Motorola. She held up a finger to shush her husband.

“Lieutenant Gognish…yes. What? Where are you? Have you contacted Captain Shiva…the hell do you mean she won’t answer? Keep calling her…alright, Sergeant, just hold on. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Aya flipped the phone to a close.

She opened up the dresser drawer and pulled out her sidearm. Time didn’t even warrant her to shower to wash away the after effects of intercourse. Her soldiers were in danger. The time to act was now.

“Who was that?”

“It was one of my NCOs. They got jumped. Supposed to be a night on the town. Hell of a way to end a drinking spell, eh?”

“Why didn’t they call emergency services?”

“Because they don’t trust them Eric. They trust me. This is why I have to stay in this unit because I’m one of the few people that my women trust. You wouldn’t dare sentence them to have to deal with Shiva alone, would you? Now I don’t have to time to discuss this. I have to go. And Eric…”


He folded his arms and turned his head away. That didn’t stop Aya from walking up to him and kissing him on the cheek. “I love you…”

“Yeah, well go play hero. I’ll be here.”

She was upset that he didn’t stay the L word back to her. She didn’t have time to dwell on that though. Clothes were thrown on. Jeans, tee shirt and a pair of black boots did the trick well enough. Those same boots just couldn’t move fast enough. The two Sergeants were just “kids” in Aya’s opinion. The Lieutenant couldn’t live with herself if anything happened to them.

Eric had to sit down when his wife left. Otherwise, he would have to just after her to make sure she was okay. Then again, he was the jealous type. He always believed that Aya and Shiva had feelings for each other. If not, Shiva certainly had the mind to rape his wife. That woman had the criminal history to do such a thing. Prison can make someone become a forceful fiend.

Their picture was all he could look at. It sat directly across the room from him. “They always said we looked alike,“ was his final words. He couldn’t help himself. Only five minutes had passed and he was already dressed up. A shotgun was his weapon of choice. Eric couldn’t leave his wife out there.

He might as well say good luck to himself while trying to catch up with her. A truck broke all the speed limits while it was on its way to the Apalia’s capital. The two lovers chased each other in a sense. Aya chased her career because Eric only had eyes for military women. On the flipside, her husband chased her because he didn’t want anybody else to have her.

He just didn’t trust her enough. He didn’t believe she was out here at this time of morning to attempt a rescue of her comrades. No, it had to be that she was planning on meeting up with Shiva to resume an affair.

The End

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