Chapter 3Mature

“You two always did look alike,” said Shiva. She wanted to sound like a bitch. This sentiment kept her sleep worthy. She needed it.

“Captain, the target?” responded the upset Lieutenant.

This was supposed to be a simple mission. Retrieve the target. Get out. With Captain Shiva? Oh, this would be much more than a mission. It would be a blood bath for sure. Nobody ever saw this woman and lived if they didn’t wear the Sword insignia upon their chest. Even then, she was cruel to her underlings.

“Zoness 5 in position.”

“Zoness 33 in standing by. Awaiting orders.”

Radios were supposed to be set to silence discipline. Not tonight. Not much was clear to reveal why this was a dark task to begin with. If they were going in banging around and making noise the cover of darkness didn’t serve much of a purpose at all.

“Copy that 33, 5. Hold until further advised,” the leader responded with a head turning to the radio.

“Retrieve and leave, right ma’am?” asked Gognish.

She had to know. There was no desire to turn this into the last mission. Her superior officer decided to give someone something no citizen who heard about it would omit from memory.

The last False the Guard went after got sponsored and bonded to sleeping pills due to habitual addiction. What was Shiva’s remedy? Cutting off that said person’s eyelids and feeding them nothing but sleeping pills. That way, even if that poor man wanted to close his eyes to sleep he wouldn’t have the necessary equipment to perform that action. See, in this world, drug users were frowned upon. Anyone caught being addicted to a substance was subject to public execution. This was by the emperor’s mimicking the old ways of the Chinese. This Asian country got rid of druggies by killing them and their providers.

Moving into this home was risky. Intel didn’t fail this time around. This place was a drug house where there were sure to be armed combatants inside. Urban training came in handy for all of the 41st Sword Amazon unit. Still, their dress just wasn’t suited for the night. A vibrant array of colors were on display. Hot pink to yellow and even some hints of blues in a tomboyish pattern were arranged in a tactical position, one behind the other.

Only five were needed. Every back was against a brick wall to the left of the entrance to the home. Feet were interlocked with legs to keep a tight grip upon what was called a “battle buddy.” It was a term stolen from the other-worlders and their American military force.

Ak-47s were cheap and more practical for this fighting force. In order to pass basic training the trainee was required to create a functioning rifle using scrap pieces of metal. Not Shiva. She didn’t use firearms. One couldn’t enjoy the pleasure of beating a human being senseless if a bullet had the climax.

“Prepare to advance,” prepped the commander of the unit.

The Captain turned her head towards her intelligence officer.

“Do a sweep. I want to know the number of all hostiles, how many weapons are readily available and who currently has hand possession of those weapons. I don’t care if those hostiles happen to be children. A minor can fire on someone and kill them just as effectively as an adult,” was the order.

Reluctantly, the Lieutenant shook off the mental cob webs of foreseeable guilt and began the process. That was only if she could keep her eyes away from her superior who looked crazed enough to take a life this night. If distraction were to blame then nobody could blame Gognish. Goodness gracious, Shiva looked like a beautiful man with those biceps.

Clearly, that woman worked entirely too hard to get a tan. The intent was to look darker. As if she needed it. African descendants already had a natural tan. What good would the sun have done? Not to mention that her uniform looked like a mutated roach’s exoskeleton. As if Gognish could talk. Her skin was all blue, she had six arms and a third eye upon her forehead. It’s not as if she couldn’t cause a ten car pile up just by walking into the street.

“Alright, beginning the scan.”

That trinity of an extra eye shot open. An invisible wave of kinetic energy surged throughout the area. All radios went dead as if some unseen force had drained their batteries of power. Information gathering was a delicate process. That was the one thing Shiva didn’t have the capability of comprehending. Her face got in close with her Lieutenant’s.

“I don’t have all night. Get it done knight!”

Gognish hated to be called a knight. Once someone reached the commissioned ranks they were no longer referred to as Guard but as Royal Knights. Speaking of such there was one road located in the B section of he dictionary the Lieutenant would have loved to refer to the Captain as right about now. She was the only one within the Royal Guard that could even do mind scans to such a degree. Yet, someone felt the need to rush her?

“Done. Three hostiles in the back, two in the front, an adolescent in the rear bedroom towards the back door and a feline. Possibly just a house cat,” Gognish reported.

It was hard for her to distinguish between species sometimes even with her mind powers.

The Captain went back to the hand held radio. “Alright, weapons free, move in and let’s take home some bitches for the showers. Ladies, its your show now,” was the ever so cruel freedom given.

No door stood no chance against women trained like this. The rush pace was inhuman. Although, it was no more inhuman than the screams of old ladies. That was Shiva’s idea of hostiles. They were nothing more than senior citizens who carried firearms to protect themselves. Everybody knew of the stereotype concerning aged women and animals. That would explain the old females acquiring a cat. And all of this was done to get one person. It wasn’t even necessary.

Shiva wanted in on the action herself. She wanted to personally obtain the target. Boots were not supposed to move that fast. Nor the person wearing the footwear be so eager. The home was already ragged as it was. Rounds being fired to put more holes into the walls certainly didn’t help the house’s condition or assist in raising property value.

“Captain, couldn’t we just…couldn’t we just capture her?” That plea went on deaf ears.

The Lieutenant was not nearly as cruel as her counterparts of the military. “We could take her alive and--” The second the Captain’s head turned the dialogue from the underling ceased.

“No, I need to teach these fools a lesson. Protection due to us having a little trouble finding you doesn’t protect you from me. It may not be tomorrow. Might not even be next year. But we WILL find you,” Shiva rationalized.

By now the citizens of this area were outside. Shockingly, there were still some left. This neighborhood was near the palace and, as the papers suggested, almost twenty five percent of this side of the population had been destroyed due to the riot control implemented by the emperor himself. None such control would be used tonight. It wouldn’t be necessary. Not for what was about to happen.

Upon entrance only one thing was required. “Where is she?”

The two Sergeants that took point throughout the blood raid looked at one another. They knew what was about to go down. So, as first, they were reserved in answering the question. Patience wasn’t a virtue of their commanding officer. One of them had to step up.

“In the back. She’s unharmed. Just shaken up I guess. Do you want us to go and get her?” asked the lower enlisted.

“No. Standby. I want this done right.”

Want what done right? Just what the hell did she have in store? It could not have been anything good. At least not for the recovering addict covering under the covers in her bedroom. This was a halfway house. Sure, it was illegal to be addicted to substances but the girl was trying to get away from drugs.

Unfortunately, in this world, once someone got attached to anything they could end up being bonded to it. Nothing exemplified this more than the trail of cocaine littering the hard wood floors. When Shiva entered the room filthy with stuffed animals the covers were pulled away from the convicted like a bad metaphor.

“Please! I’m clean! Been clean for over a year now! Please! I’ll do anything! Anything! Just don’t hurt me! I’ve got a son. I got a god damn son! For the love of go--”

A hand was placed over the girl’s mouth. The crib in her room emitted a loud crying noise. A drug dealer of the past not only took advantage of this teenager but gave her a gift that kept giving; HIV. Both her and her baby were doomed anyways.

“Don’t even finish that sentence. God doesn’t exist.”

The hand left the girl’s mouth.

“H-how do you know?”

Shiva frowned and her lips trembled with her angry look. “Because I killed him.” She was serious. Deities here were not impervious to death. She got her rank by taking the life of Yahweh. And though she didn’t get to be sponsored by him she did get a chance to urinate on his corpse.

“B-b-but I thought you people were the good guys. Why did you kill all of this old women?! Huh?! Why?! They didn’t do anything to deserve that! It was me you were after! Not them! What kind of sick joke are you people?!”

Gognish stood just outside the open door. She listened and lowered her head. There were not many criminals in Apalia. All of them feared the Guard. The only monsters left here was the Guard itself.

They used to stand for something. Now what did they stand for? This? This tragedy located in the comics section of any newspaper brave enough to defile them with words? Everybody that disagreed with this force’s tactics were brutally murdered. The two innocents in the room with the wolf would be no different.

The Lieutenant never witnessed her superior’s special ability up close and personal. She’d get her chance. Osmosis of a mammal was something not to be missed. A female’s anatomy was split into a smaller and a bigger form. A trinity or idea of such bore the appropriate description.

Shiva gripped the girl’s head and turned it towards the contraption containing the infant. She wanted her victim to watch. Struggling was pointless when another pair of hands, much bigger than Shiva herself, held the criminal down.

“P-please, no! He didn’t do anything to you! Stop this!”

Plea after plight died with the dinosaurs.

“I know why you think that we would ignore your crimes. You are at the age where you believe that you are invincible. I regret to inform you that you are not. Hark, you learned that the hard way. Did you not? Hmm…but the more concerning matter is the fact that you thought you could hide. That is a fallacy and ignorance. However, ignorance doesn’t deserve mercy. Allow me to illustrate,” the executioner spoke.

The smaller version of herself held a stun gun high above the crib. A gentle but deadly hand lowered the weapon down towards the crying child.

“What the hell are you doing to my baby?!“

“Letting nature take its course. You don’t dare defy nature, do you?“

Gognish had to do something. She waltzed in and prepared to stop the dopple ganged copy. She stopped dead in her tracks when Shiva shot her a harsh look.

The much kinder officer tried to reason with her commander. “This wasn’t what I signed up for. I watched you order people to death that didn’t deserve it but I will NOT stand by and watch you kill a baby. No, you will not. I simply cannot allow it. Release the girl or--"

Shiva stood up. “Or what, Lieutenant?”

One of six arms lifted a Glock seventeen up to a superior officer. “You don’t want me to answer that question Velincia.”

“Don’t you dare call me by that name! I am ma’am or Captain Shiva to you. Stay in your lane, knight,” replied Shiva.

The aggressor prayed that her logistics officer listened. They were close friends. Defiance was punishable by death. There were many people Shiva would gladly kill. The woman holding the gun wasn’t one of them.

“I’m warning you. I’m not going to let you do this!” Gognish knew she wouldn’t have the strength to shoot her best friend of nineteen years. And that friend knew that.

Meanwhile, the deed was already being done. Children have a tendency to be curious. At least most of the time. This boy was no different. He began to play with his newfound toy to only shock himself to death. If it were used on an adult it would not have been a death jolt. But to a body so small and brittle there was no possibility of survival.

The crying stopped. A mother’s heart failed. The bigger brute of a copy didn’t have to twist her neck. She died from grief. The baby’s death was just too obvious.

Gognish gasped and dropped her weapon. All six of her hands were placed over her mouth. One hand on top of the other. “Oh, oh, oh god. What did you do? Fuck! What did you do?!”

“What I had to. Call in a clean up crew. We’re done here. Good job on distracting the mother from struggling, Lieutenant. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

The person being referred to dropped to their knees. Disbelief was like a sedative to the legs, the arms and the body in general. No amount of Shiva’s past cruelty had compared to what was just witnessed. Was she that upset at her body for not bearing fruit so much to the point where she’d kill another’s offspring out of anger?

The End

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