Chapter 2Mature

“W-w-wha? I dun understand. Your highness. I-I-I-I don’t know. I-I can’t do it. Please, your highness, have mercy."

The emperor lifted a hand high and ran it across Dunn’s fragile face. A much smaller victim toppled onto the floor.

“You asshole! Don’t you ever touch her! I’ll kill you!”

That would be the last thing done before the general would finally put a foot down. Every person within the Guard had special powers but the general’s abilities were especially potent. This man possessed the death touch. Just a finger nail clipping being placed upon a living organism and a simple thought of death will land someone or something six feet under.

Rushing towards the emperor came the older and much slower four star. A valiant effort but to no avail. Side step, a fist pound to the back and the spine being ruptured upon impact and the falling of a person dead even before they hit the ground was all this would end with.

Guard member after Guard member tried to escape but something strange happened. The little girl had already gotten to her feet. She was taught to always obey the emperor and she did. Thus, explaining why she was picked as a servant at such an early age. Obedience had its perks. A gun pointing towards the door prompted the men to run even faster. There was a reason why she was picked for this execution. She was special.

Strength was one thing. Pure awesomeness for human performance was another. Her finger pulled the trigger of the weapon at such a speed that the bullet didn’t even have a chance to fire before she hurled the gun towards the door and towards her victims. The Beretta fired halfway from where it was launched thus creating a bullet with such velocity and such power that it blew a hole through every man as they all ran for the exit in a straight line. A feat like this impressed the emperor and that wasn’t easy.

Every man, except for the one that gave the order, hit the floor; death in an instant. As for the Beretta there wasn’t much of a better fate. It was shattered upon hitting the diamond embedded door which was more of a gate than anything.

Finally, this man acquired some clothing in a flash. Royal wear was in order. He had a new right hand assistant. No, this girl was no general but she had the power to do things that none else could. All bronze in color did he wear for such an occasion and before her feet was a Royal Guard uniform with a yellow bar sitting on both of the shoulder sections of the imperial dress.

The bar represented the rank of Lieutenant or more affectionately called “butter bar.” It looked much like the emperor’s royal robe which was an honor. He had to give her something that resembled his clothing. Only she could match the speed that he possessed. Therefore, she had to at least resemble him in some ways.

“Put it on. You’ll be wearing it for some time to come.”

“Understood, your highness.”

She had no problem disrobing herself in front of him. After all, he did have the courtesy to look away. But why? Why treat her any different from any other female? Normally, he treated little girls and women like they were flies awaiting the swatter. The answer to his favoritism was that he secretly wished for Dunn to be his own daughter for she resembled him in so many ways.

She would’ve shot those men in the end. She would’ve been just as brutal as the emperor. She would’ve, without a doubt, been indicative of everything that he was and stood for. And when she was fully dressed he stared at a female mirror image of himself.

The door opened and in came more ranking officers who stopped upon seeing the dead bodies of their superiors. Some covered their mouths while others vomited right there on the deceased.

Dunn outranked them all. “Get over here this instant!”

Person after person stared at one another. That was only after some of them finished losing their meals upon the floor. Not one of them responded to the girl but only came forward to greet the emperor.

The ruler had no patience for anybody disobeying his special one. “When she gives you an order you respond. The SECOND that you do not comply and I give her permission to do things so horrible to you that even a nightmare wouldn’t accurately depict it. Go back to the entrance and await her beckoning!” he ordered.

This was a joke to the Guard that were present. However, what wasn’t a joke was dying to the hands of an eight year old and they knew she was well capable of inflicting said death upon them. So, without haste, they double timed it back to the door and stood at the position of attention like the good non-commissioned officers that most of them were.

“Get over here. Move it! Move it! Fucking move it!” she shouted with veins popping out the sides of her neck.

Men were falling over each other trying to get over to her before she flipped her lid or, worse, the emperor did. “Yes ma’am!” they said in unison.

Dunn smiled. “Now that’s more like it. Your highness, orders?” she asked. But the Lieutenant would dread the day she asked that question.

“Hmm, well, I have a problem outside. Kill all civilians located outside of MY palace and then I give you all pass of leave until further notice,” he ordered.

The girl’s heart sank. Her parents were out there protesting against this cruel and tyrannical imperialist. She would hate this man. She would despise this man. She would want him dead, gone, unburied and have birds drop fecal matter upon him. Her face, hell, her whole body shook in disbelief. She would have to give the order to slay her own kindred. No, she wouldn’t show weakness. She had to be strong. If not for herself then for her family who always taught her to obey the emperor despite their now protesting of this man. Her parents would now regret the days of teaching Dunn loyalty without question.

She turned ever so slowly towards her men. Her eyes were rolled. It was a technique she employed to try to keep herself from crying when she got the urge to. “As of right now I am giving you all the order to……kill all civilians……that are outside of……the palace,” she said.

The emperor turned, smiling to himself and vanished. He heard what he wanted to hear. This man doubted she’d even go through with it and was prepared to give the order himself to prevent her having to die for disobeying him. Yet, she surprised him by being even more ruthless than he originally thought her to be. The Lieutenant’s head turned to stare at the spot where the supreme leader once stood. Her eyes were full of angry and hatred but her heart didn’t feel that way. What is the use of getting mad when, one day, she will surely Get Even?

The End

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