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Instead of religion immortals have a new way of proving their presence; sponsorship. Just like an athlete gets a new pair of shoes from a sponsor deities sponsor humans by granting them inhuman abilities.

“You fucking fraud!”


“You’re no royal! You’re nothing but a spineless coward!”

And among other things were being shouted from outside the royal palace. Crowds were big before but even rats didn’t scurry to rotten road kill quite like the citizens of Apalia Halo to the royal square. This civil unrest was unlike anything ever witnessed before in history. What would it matter? It’s not like anybody would care or give a damn. That was apart of the problem. Politicians and “silver borns” were indicative of compulsive nostalgic-mongers.

The city was on fire as if someone with gasoline urine let loose upon the brick and mortar to only breathe breath of fire upon the nearly chaos ridden utopia. The royal palace? It looked like a giant penis and the people viewed it as such. The vultures that ran that blasted place were urinating on the commoners and climaxing upon the very ideals that this beautiful escape was built upon. Where was the zeal? Where was the pride and the love of Apalia, the royal lineage and the idea that dictatorship was the only true way? All it took was the passing on of a torch.

“Your highness! Your highness!” shouted an out of breath advisor.

Rushing into the bronze throne room, past the executioner’s dwelling, up the three steps of the Trinity and to the Savior’s feet came a small, pale and often viewed as hideous person. The royal garb this gremlin of a soul wore was almost like camouflage from it being so light in color combined with his own pastry dough pigment. Pressing his nose into the carpet was a terrible idea for it was so long and pointy that he almost broke it upon impact. Sitting in the bronze chair with the golden eagle theme spilled throughout stared a rather carefree looking emperor.

“You have fifteen seconds minus the five seconds that I took to say this to explain why you have troubled me."

It was amazing this man could even say such a thing. Slumped over the backside of his chair was a young girl with her face physically glued to his crotch, zipper down and giving him a mouthful of appreciation. For a person not even belonging to the reality that he so despised he resembled so much of his center of hatred or at least the historical figures of that other world. He hated the Earth that warranted invisible gods being worshipped yet he was the perfect embodiment of the emperor Nero.

No, he had no fiddle but an oral sex session with a girl not even old enough to smoke in the other world played louder than any instrument mankind could ever create. Her body was laid on top of him upside down and with her hanging onto the backside of the chair like a snake. The advisor would have been disgusted if this sort of behavior were not expected from a man so many considered to be a waste of molecules.

Those ten seconds were tickling away quickly. The words mumbled at first for the sake of wiping away much ganged up sweat.

“The people are rebelling! They’re at the front gates! What are your orders on dealing with this rebellion? Shall I summon the royal guard Emperor Knollus?” asked the creature of a man.

A hand found itself gripping a handful of golden colored hair and shoving a young woman’s face into a grown man’s lap. This monster was suffocating this girl. A more disgusting thought was that he intentionally ignored bathing just so he could torture an unfortunate female doomed to be forced into a sexual relationship with him. Such force, such strength and such determination to end a life succeeded in mere seconds.

The killer’s head turned towards a nearby handmaiden. “Cut off her hair. I’d like to add it to my robe. Think of it as a trophy,” was the cruel words.

Tears was all this maiden could muster up as words would not have accurately expressed her sorrow. That girl, that teenager at just the age of fifteen whose life was so needlessly interrupted was this woman’s daughter. In this world one must sacrifice something to prove their worth; every last person. Even if that something happened to be a somebody. A mother dragged off the lifeless body of a beloved child off to be mutilated further for hair removal.

“Your highness?”

There this man sat naked but he reached under his butt and pulled out a handgun. Loading the weapon would have prompted the servant before the feet of a tyrant to flee in terror. No one would dare do that. To suffer an unjust death was better than to try to escape it. The penalty for refusing the emperor’s execution had much less appeal than to just take a quick expiration.

“Your highness! Please! I answered your query in the time limit allotted!” pleaded the cretin. Perhaps falling to a double knee of a begging position would afford some mercy. Not today.

“I said you had ten seconds. I never said that you accurately answered my question in its entirety. Therefore, I must kill you in order to teach you a lesson. Although it is a lesson that you will only briefly learn from for you will die in two more seconds."

He lifted the gun towards the goblin’s head and practiced a commonly used action of slowly squeezing the trigger with the tip of his index finger. That way, the fire will come as a surprise as most gun experts would attest that it should be.

“No, no, NO!”

A sickening pop illuminated the palace in sound. Yet another dead body was near this man. Only this time the echo of a Berretta summoned senior and even lower ranked members of the Royal Guard. If someone needed a living body to account for one point of age to become old enough to consume alcohol in the other world they would have the exact count needed. Twenty one people in all. Irony was filthy in this. For there were only twenty one ranks within the Guard.

“Your highness, we do not dare demand orders from you but I’m afraid that we must act or else the gates will cave in, the rioters will invade this sacred ground and you will be in imminent danger."

The eye of the hurricane destined itself to fall upon everyone in this room like the general predicted. Something had to be done. Not a single citizen daring enough to show up to the palace was absent. This whole scene was eerily similar to those that the emperor viewed in the other world.

If it were not for certain gifts and abilities that this man possessed he wouldn’t know how to effectively rule. With thanks to his eyes that could see into anything including other realities and dimensions he was well aware on how to deal with unruly “peasants” as he referred to his own people as.

Every person within the city was considered to be ungrateful ingrates to this man that worshipped himself. His head turned to view the mirror that was posted just behind him so that he could view his own eyes. No pupils were present. All that could be seen out of those peepers were swirling circles of teal, yellow, red, blue and sky blue circles that resembled the image of the universe out of a telescope. He was looking into the future to only laugh when he viewed the sick course of action that he would employ.

“Bring Dunn to me. Comply!” remarked the emperor with a deep and almost angry sounding tone.

“Dunn, your highness? Who is Dunn?” a man, a private even, so foolishly spoke. His superiors rushed to shush him but it was too late.

In lightning-like flash the emperor’s birthday suit seemingly teleported from one side of the room to the other with the end result of a clamping hand wrapped around this under ranked royal’s neck. No part of the human anatomy was supposed to snap like that. Really, it should not have.

The tyrant turned his head towards the others with the spirals in his eyes rotating at a rapid pace.

“Anymore questions? Now find her!”

Locating the person the imperialist leader wanted to have in his presence so badly was a task in of itself. This mattered not. Either this Dunn person was found or every person that stepped foot in the throne would should seriously consider updating their life insurance policies. Then again, such a thing as insurance lacked existence here.

Time passed as the emperor waited. Only a minute, literally, a minute elapsed and yet he felt like this retrieval mission took entirely too long. Upon the sixtieth second the soul required appeared with the officers and lessers following close behind. A little girl? That’s what this mad man wanted? What? Was he going to molest her too, perhaps take her life and give these men that he so reluctantly called in a show none of them would ever forget?

“Your highness, we recovered this adolescent standing right outside with an ear pressed against the door. She is the Dunn you were searching for. I thought it was I you were looking for but I was already here. We were not certain because it is her last name. She is my cousin. What does your highness require of her?" asked the general. He prayed he only called her to serve him food or drink. Goodness forbid this vile man required her for anything else.

Rarely did the emperor say words that were not necessary to say and take actions that were not just as essential. “None of you will have the strength to slay those who oppose me. I ascended to the throne through the death of my father. Most of you don’t even believe that I should truthfully be the emperor,” said the evil son.

Gasps, thoughts of shock and amazement with a hint of heads turning from left to right in disagreement. However, those necks quit forcing those same heads to turn for those heads would roll if any of these men were to call the emperor a liar. The men simply dropped to one knee while this Dunn girl walked forward and knelt before the emperor.

“What does your highness desire?” she asked.

The emperor didn’t want to abuse her. Not yet. There was no need to. No, he needed to show just how expendable his men and women were. Killing a few fair ladies here and there just wasn’t enough. Even Jack the Ripper did not acquire the respect that some should have given him. Not the kind of respect that a decent person should be warranted. But the kind of reverence that a tiger was given even though tigers, like most big cats, had the mental capacity and killer instinct to slay humans if given the chance. He doesn’t need future sight to foresee that if he did not establish an iron fist and ruthless nature now he might as well be a teddy bear.

A rather bi-polar ruler’s hand reached down, cupped the little girl’s chin and encouraged her to stand up upon her feet. Filth in a mind was the only thing that allowed this man to remain unclothed in front of this child.

“General, what is the enlisting age minimum?” inquired the supreme power.

What kind of question was that? He couldn’t be seriously trying to enlist this kid into the Royal Guard. That prestigious military force that literally conquered deities would be insulted by this blasphemy of an enlistment?

“Your highness, with all due respect, you should know this. You changed the enlistment age this morning. You changed it to one years old. And that, means, and I’m sure of it, that even if you aren’t even old enough to pronounce your name you can be drafted into the Guard and sent to die for Apalia,” the General responded with.

This was a joke. Dunn was awarded the obviously unwanted honor of being the first eight year old enlistee into the Royal Guard. The emperor didn’t even formally announce it. Upon the rags that she wore symbolizing her family’s impoverished state bore a large spear emblem on the right side of her torn shirt. In a split millisecond the ruler had placed the object upon the child and fully expected her to perform all the duties of a Royal Knight.

“Welcome to the ranks Lieutenant,” greeted the emperor.

Surely this general heard wrong. Prayerfully the emperor had made a vocal error or he just awarded an eight year old with an officer‘s rank that was just enlisted in less time than it took to take ecstasy. “Lieutenant?! Your highness! This is preposterous! You can’t be serious! She’s just a child! She can’t possibly gain a rank like that as a new recruit anyways!” the General exclaimed in utter protest.

“I can and I just did! You dare question my authority?! You must be gotten rid of! Lieutenant!”

The girl only impersonated what she saw other Guard members do. She stood straight up, both heels of her very dirty bare feet pressed together and a fist slammed into her chest covering her heart as this was the salute of the Guard to the emperor. “Your highness!”

“Slay every last one of these rat bastards. All of them. Do it and do it now,” he ordered.

Dunn couldn’t help but look up at her superior with a confused expression. One can’t rationally expect a child to carry out such a heinous command. She wasn’t even sure she was capable of murder. He was serious. No joke. Not only was she now required to take the lives of men that did nothing wrong but to take the life of a family member as well; the general. A firearm was placed into her hands. She stared at it much like a virgin stared at her lover’s naked body for the first time. Just holding it caused tears to drop from her eyes and seemingly did the drops give the weapon a cold wash. But no more colder than the action expected of her.

The End

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