Chapter XII: The Devil Sword, ChaosMature

Alexander left Rome, his heart weary and his body tired beyond what one would think possible. He realized that, now that he was immortal, anything was within his grip. Time no longer held its sway over his body, and he was free from the terror that awaited one's final moments... so why did he feel so empty?

As he was pondering this, he came across some dwarves, who seem to hail from the northern lands. They looked at Alex and begged him to come to them. Alex, curious as to what they could want, decided to oblige.

The head dwarf, a black bearded and ancient looking thing, came before Alex and gave a courteous bow. "Oh, mighty warrior, we beseech thee to aid us in our time of plight."

"Oh? I assume that you know who I am, as you would not call for my aid unless you knew me. Yet, I do not know you... so tell me what it is you wish of me or you will incur my wrath. I am not in a good mood." Alex answered irritably. Not only had his appearance changed slightly, but his temper was much more volatile than it was before now. What was going on?

"Ah, quick to the point. Very wise of you. We have heard of your exploits: destroying the Serpent of the World Ash, and ending the life of that degenerate troll Grendel. We have a quest that only you can perform." The black bearded dwarf responded, a little taken aback by the Black Knight's fiery response.

"Tell me what it is already. I am in a hurry to find a treasure to buy someone their freedom."

"Noble indeed," the dwarf muttered. "A dragon has driven us from our home, and has stolen our most prized treasure: a ring of great value. If you succeed in ridding us of this monster, we will give as much gold as you ask... save for the ring."

"I see that this task may require strength and cunning that I do not have the time to exercise. Perhaps you could help me first?" Alex answered.

"And what it is that you ask of us?"

"Dwarves are said to be the greatest of smiths, as the stories say. I have a broken blade that requires reforging. If you can do this task, then I will take care of the dragon." Alex responded, a smile spreading across his face.

The dwarf thought about it, and then finally nodded. "Your terms are acceptable. Give us the shards of the broken blade, and we will forge it into a blade without peer."

Alex handed him the shards of the once beautiful Tempest, and the dwarves immediately went to work on heating the metal, repurifying the alloy, giving it a new shape, a new design. Within three hours, the blade itself was complete, and the dwarves added their own special touches, as if to make the blade reflective of its owner.

Five hours passed, and the blade was handed back to Alex, complete and whole once more, but the design had changed. It was much more twisted, much more demonic than it had been before... it gave off a glow as if the metal was forged in the pits of Hell itself, and it seemed to lust for the blood of the living, regardless of their race.

"Behold, the mighty blade Tempest, reforged by our hands. But since it no longer resembles itself as it was before, a new name is needed." The black bearded dwarf announced.

"The sword is filled with despair and chaos... chaos... a fitting name for such a terrifying blade. Henceforth, this blade shall be known as Chaos." Alex replied. He held it high in the air, and it glistened with a sickening red light. Alex sheathed the sword, thanked the dwarves, and then inquired the place of the dragon's roost. Upon receiving the information, he set out immediately, a single thought burning through his head.

"Wait for me, Gwendolyn. I shall free you from your captors soon enough."

The End

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