Chapter VI: Battle in the Fortress of WindsMature

Before Alexander left for Hraesvalgr's palace, he paid a visit to his friend, Ethelred Balore, the Troll Smith. When he saw Alex walking towards his hill, he walked out and gave a hearty laugh. "How are you, my friend? It's good to see you again! Care to come inside for a quick meal?"

Alex smiled at Balore, but shook his head. "I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a hurry. I came here today for help."

Balore nodded. "What is it that you need?"

Alex brought the three maidens out from their hiding places, and then explained the situation. Alex then explained further: "I have a plan to destroy Hraesvalgr and take the spoils of his ill gotten magic and gold back to Camelot, but my plan requires a little fey glamour. Do you know of anyone who would be of help?"

Balore frowned. "I do, but the one I speak of is a mischevious little imp, known as Robin Goodfellow... or 'Puck' as many of us in the realm of the fey say of him. He is a hobgoblin, and a very powerful one at that, and has a penchant for pranks... I wouldn't trust him if I were you."

Alex nodded. "Then he'll love the plan I have in store for Hraesvalgr... the ultimate prank."

Balore shrugged. "I'll send for him. Wait right here." With that, he turned back into his hill and left Alexander with the three maidens. While he waited, Alex turned and inspected the three girls, searching them for something that was not readily apparent. He finally stopped and looked at the one he had tied to a tree earlier.

"Since I already put you in quite a bit of a situation today, what do you say to doing something more heroic?" He asked her.

She looked at him suscpiciously, and said: "Whatever it is you're planning, leave me out of it. I will not be used as bait for that perverted giant."

Alex was about to answer when Balore returned, with a strange furry creature vaguely resembling a bat with cat's eyes and tiny leathery wings. The new creature was dressed in the outfit of royalty, though worn from use. He had a large toothy smile as well, which, strangely, was filled with baby teeth. He gave a sort of mock bow when he came into Alex's presence. "Hail to the Black Knight of Camelot! Hail Lord Alexander Gerard Kahner!"

Alex looked at the creature. "Are you the hob known as Robin Goodfellow?"

The creature smirked. "Please... call me Puck. Everyone does."

Alex nodded. "Very well. Puck, I have a plan. Could you come here so I can tell you?"

Puck abliged, and he listened intently to every word Alexander said, his smile growing wider with each word. When Alex had finished, Puck let out a roaring laugh, which was a bit unsettling to hear coming from a creature so small.

"So, will you help me in my little scheme?" Alex asked Puck, his eyes turning towards the maiden he spoke to earlier. She trembled nervously: she didn't like where this was going.

Puck nodded. "Fairy glamour makeover, comin' right up!"


Later, they arrived at Hraevalgr's palace. Hraesvalgr treated them in a gentlemanly behaviour, despite the obvious perverted lust that lay in his black heart. He ordered his bird servants to prepare a feast, and then went through the three maidens, trying to decide which one to take to bed with him tonight.

At last he settled on the third maiden, red haired and lovely, like a rose. He bent down to embrace her, but stopped short when he saw her eyes... one was an emerald green, lovely and beautiful, but the other was golden and slitted, and filled with fury. He turned to Alexander and asked: "Why are her eyes so strange? That left eye of her's sends chills up my spine."

Alexander simply stated: "Why, 'tis merely a trick of the light, Lord Hraesvalgr. Both of her eyes are a lovely emerald green, can you not see?"

Hraesvalgr turned to look again, and sure enough, her eyes were both emerald green. Still, he could not shake the feeling that something was wrong.

During the feast, he noticed that the maiden seemed incredibly merry, almost belligerent, and ate and drank as much as he did. "This maiden has quite the appetite, Alexander. Are you trying to deceive me?"

Alex shook his head. "No, Lord Hraesvalgr, she has had a long journey, and she has not eaten in three days. She requires the strength to be fit for you in bed as well. Think nothing of it and enjoy."

Hraesvalgr nodded, but couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Finally, when the feast was over and they were all satisfied, Hraesvalgr turned to the lady and said: "Let us retire to our chambers. I wish to have a pleasant sleep tonight, and I want you to join in on the fun." The maiden nodded quietly, and allowed Hraesvalgr to lead her up the stairs.

Alexander, however, stopped them. "My lord, perhaps a gift of this silver blade would make the maiden even more happy, and thus make her even more wonderful for your fun merrymaking in bed." He handed the maiden the silver blade Rapture and they retired up their bedchambers, leaving Alex and the other two maidens behind.

Immediatly, Alexander turned around and tossed his hair back, and immediatly a beautiful woman took his place. "I must admit," she began, "Alex had a great plan... pretending to be a woman so he could get close to Hraesvalgr in order to kill him was indeed a great plan."

A scream emanated from the bedchambers, and Alexander, having removed the fairy glamour placed upon him by Puck in order to deceive Hraesvalgr, then stabbed him through the heart with Rapture, his silver blade. Alex then proceeded to gather up Hraesvalgr's possessions and told the maidens to load them into carts and send them to Camelot, and stated he'd return shortly.

Hraesvalgr stood up slowly, bleeding from the wound through his black heart, glowered at Alex. "You will pay for this deception, mortal fool." With that, he transformed himself into a gigantic bird of prey, an eagle the size of a small house, and flew straight at him, intent on tearing him apart.

Alexander readied himself and grabbed the monstrous eagle as it swooped down to attack, which carried him up in the air, hoping to shake him off.

Alex held on, and began to stab the giant again and again with his blade. The monstrous eagle screeched in pain, and tried in vain to shake Alex off. Finally, Hraesvalgr fell from loss of blood, and crashed into the side of his own palace, alive but wounded and unable to retaliate. Alex took one, final, contemptuos look at the fallen Master of Winds, and muttered: "You underestimated me, Hraesvalgr. I may be mortal, but this mortal has taken everything from you... the only thing left is your life... which I claim here and now." With that, he pierced Hraesvalgr's brain with his silver blade Rapture and twisted it while still in the wound, making absolutely sure he had killed him. Then, looking around, he found a torch and lit Hraesvalgr's body alight, and left. The flames spread rapidly, and when Alex stepped out of the palace, it had been set entirely aflame. Alex kept walking, and made his way back to Camelot, where he became one or Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, and was regarded as a hero for destroying the evil giant Hraesvalgr.

But his trials were only just beginning.

The End

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