Chapter V: Arthur and the Black KnightMature

Alexander looked at the three armored figures that sat upon their horses, each one looking very displeased, not that he could blame them for that. His eyes went from one to the next, studying them in turn and trying to determine which of them was King Arthur. However, try as he might, he could not, and simply decided to test their ability in combat. That way he would then know which was Arthur, for it was said that Arthur was the greatest of knights.

"Face me... so that I may know whether you are deserving of the crown." Alexander stated simply. A knight trotted forward, his lance at ready, and a glowered at his foe.

"I, Sir Gawain, shall meet you in combat, Black Knight." The two knights charged full force at each other, lances lowered and poised to kill. Alex blocked Gawain's lance with his own, and with the sharp tip, countered by killing Gawain's steed, causing the knight to lose his balance. Alex then smacked his foe with the dull end of his spear, knocking him out. The other two knights, as well as the damsel they came to rescue, stared with awe and surprise at the iron clad knight.

Alex smirked behing his black helmet, and taunted. "I hope whoever comes next is much more skilled than this young upstart."

One of the knights grabbed his sword, but was stopped by his fellow. This knight, the largest of the three, spoke: "I, Sir Kay, foster brother to King Arthur, challenge you, Black Knight." He raised his lance, and charged.

The two met each other in the middle of the clearing, but it ended much like before. Alexander drew his fey blade, Rapture, after blocking Kay's lance with his own, and decapitated his opponent's horse with a single stroke. He then used the pommel of the blade and slammed it into Kay's chin, knocking him off his dead horse and rendering him unconscious. Alex, with a soul piercing glare, stared at last at the final knight.

"King Arthur Pendragon, I presume? It is you that I wish to challenge... I must know if you are worthy of the crown of Britain!" Alex raised his lance, and King Arthur, never one to back down from a challenge, raised his own.

The two knights charged, and met at the center, but the outcome was slightly different: Alexander's lance shattered into splinters and King Arthur slashed the legs off from under his horse, causing him to fall. Alexander, impressed but not defeated, stood up and readied his blade. "The fight is not over, Knight King."

Arthur charged once more, and Alex pierced the heart of his magnificent horse, the sudden stop forcing Arthur to dismount. Arthur drew his own sword, Excalibur, and the two of them met in combat.

The fight was unlike anything either knight had ever experienced before. Alexander was the better swordsman, despite Excalibur's magic, but the scabbard of the holy blade made Arthur invulnerable, and while Alex landed blow after blow against his opponent, he could not dent Arthur's mail shirt. Arthur, however, landed a few blows of his own, and Alex's blood soaked the field they fought in, until the grass was a nasty red.

Alex, feeling himself short of breath and energy, decided to end the fight. Using the hooked tip of his blade, he caught Excalibur in his blade and disarmed Arthur, pointing his sword directly at Arthur's face. "It seems... that I win... King... Arthur..." Just as he said this, he fell to his knees from exhaustion.

Arthur stood over the kneeling form of Alexander, the Black Knight, and said: "You are a great warrior. You have bested me despite the magic of my sword and scabbard, as well as your own injuries. Therefore, I wish that you would join my Knights of the Round Table. All I ask is that you return the maidens that you have stolen from our court, and all of your sins will be forgiven by me. What say you, Black Knight?"

Alexander stared at Arthur, and saw not only how just Arthur was, but how merciful he was as well. He was deserving of the crown, and he spoke: "I will do as you say... but I ask you for some time. Three days from now I shall return, with the maidens and a treasure to further increase the wealth of your kingdom. I swear it."

And so, even though Alexander was bloodied from his battle, he set off to enact the next step of his plan: the death of the master of winds, Hraesvalgr the Giant.

The End

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