Chapter IV: Dealings With a GiantMature

Alexander, determined to test the ability of the young king Arthur Pendragon, began an elaborate plan in order to draw his attention, as well as a backup in order to absolve himself of any wrongs he may commit against the king should he indeed prove himself worthy of the crown. He went to the fortress of the giant Hraesvalgr, master of winds, and asked for an audience. The giant granted him an audience, mostly out of curiosity of what a mere mortal could do for him. Alexander came into his presence, and was awed by the giant's appearance: he was large in size, and wore armor with a bird like motif. He wore a robe underneath with sleeves that appeared similar to feathered wings, and his hands were like the talons of a bird. He wore a helmet that complete concealed his face, yet the helmet's design was fitting for his overall appearance, as it was sharp and pointed downwards like the beak of a vulture.

Once the awe had passed, Alexander finally spoke: "I hear you are searching for a bride, wind mage."

Hraesvalgr nodded. "That I am. What is it that you offer me? Mortal women? They are often far too frail for me to have fun with."

Alexander smiled. "True, that is often the case. But I hear that the women of the court of Camelot are of a much heartier stock than the common woman. I offer to capture three of their finest, in order to prove to you my sincerity on the matter."

Hraesvalgr laughed at the proposal. "THREE women?!?! One to have fun with after every meal! Yet still, I wonder..." he paused here to think. "What is it that you hope to gain from this deal? Money? Power? Fame?"

Alexander smirked inwardly. "All I ask of you is that you will heed my council in the future." With this final statement, he bowed low and left.


Over the course of the next week, Alexander had captured two maidens from the court of King Arthur, knowing full well that his actions would attract the Knights of the Round Table. Taking on the guise of a warrior clad in black armor, he became known by many as simply the Black Knight. He had left the maidens in the care of his servants, who were to be sent to Hraesvalgr's castle once the third maiden was captured. But his true aim was to test King Arthur himself, and the maidens were merely bait... and as a way to win back King Arthur's favor, as well as access to Hraesvalgr's treasure horde once the giant lay dead, which would be very useful in either event.

And so, Alexander, clad in the black armor which had made him so well known throughout the land, stole the third maiden from within Camelot's walls, before the very eyes of King Arthur and his knights. They immediately gave chase, and after a long trip through the woods, Alexander dismounted his horse and tied the maiden to a tree. "I apologize for the roughness of my actions, fair maiden, but 'twas necessary to learn whait it is that I wish to learn."

The maiden stared at him with mixed anger and curiosity. "And what is it that you wish to learn, Black Knight?"

Alex turned to face her, and stared directly into her eyes. "The worthiness of our king." He heard the sound of horses galloping towards his location, and mounted his horse, and readied his lance. "He comes now. I shall meet him in combat, and shall learn once and for all whether he truly deserves the crown."

With that, he trotted off and faced the King of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon. Their battle was about to begin.

The End

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