Chapter II: Ill-FatedMature

When the union between Cornelius Augustus Kahner and Diana Habundia was discovered, the fey court banished Diana to exile from the fey court. Saddened by this turn of events, Diana went to live with Cornelius, and then fate played its cruel hand.

Diana soon began to suffer from the effects of the mortal world, having been cut off from her fey homeland, and during the fifth month of her pregnancy, she became severely ill. Her bones became as brittle as glass and she would cough uncontrollably, often to the point where blood would be coughed up. Cornelius, seeing his beloved so sick and weak, did all he could for her: he waited on her, cared for her, nurtured her, loved her, called the best physicians in all of England, and prayed to the Almighty God to spare his wife.

But alas, it was all for naught. The physicians had no knowledge of the fey and their specific needs, and Cornelius' prayers went unanswered. Diana's condition only worsened.

It was on the sixth month of Diana's pregnancy that her water broke. The child was born on midnight to the light of the full moon. But that birth was cursed by the heavens themselves, for on that night, the moon turned a foul shade of red, and all the stars in the sky vanished, leaving only the crimson light of the sickening orb.

Diana lived only long enough to name her child... Alexander Gerard Kahner. She passed her newborn half fey child to her lover... and immediately the luster of her eyes glazed over and the light of her soul was consumed by the darkness.

Cornelius was wrought with grief, but his mourning came to an abrupt end, for he soon realized that the child was born too soon and would not survive unless he did something. But what could he do? The physicians were no help, having been unable to save his wife, and his prayers went unheard.

So, he did something that would save the child, but also put his newborn's soul at the very edge of the abyss.

He summoned a demon.

The demon in question was a powerful one, and was incredibly crafty as well. He bartered with Cornelius, and at last a deal was struck: the demon would give the child his left eye, which would give him the power necessary to live, but Cornelius would be forced to surrender his son to the forces of hell at an unspecified time, and from that moment on his child would be Lucifer's plaything. Seeing no other alternative, however, Cornelius agreed to this condition.

The moment Cornelius handed his newborn son to the demon, the foul hellspawn immediately ripped the child's left eye out of its socket and placed his own within. This gave the child a strange and a slightly disturbing appearance: while the child's right eye was a beautiful emerald green, his left eye, having been scarred and hastily repaired by the demon's foul magic, was slitted and had the hue of melted gold.

The child, Alexander Gerard Kahner, already half human and half fey, now had demon blood mingled within his veins, and that blood would ultimately lead to power... and corruption.

The End

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