Part Fifty-FiveMature

After about ten minutes of talking like this, the last person I would have expected walked up to me.

She waits beside the table for a minute, rocking on her feet. Judo flicks his eyes up to her and then back to me.

"Uh... hey, Lola," she says.

"Hello, Heather," I respond curiously.

She coughs once, probably to clear her throat. "Listen, I just wanted to apologise. My sisters are leaving next year so it's just gonna be me and it's... not nice. So, I'm sorry I gave you a hard time."

"It's OK," I frown as I decide to say it. Not forgiving her will just make the situation worse than it is. And besides, she hasn't even said much to me for the most part of this year.

"Um... all right then. I'll see you around..." then she goes back to her table.

It makes me laugh and I don't know why.

Trish catches my eye and grins knowingly, clearly having heard the conversation. She nudges Judo and starts talking to him, and at that point, Seb rapidly gets up and leaves the gazebo.

My mind registers the movement a second later and I run after him.

"Seb, wait!" I call. "What's wrong?"

He strides over to me and grasps the tops of my arms. "I didn't get in, Lola," he says calmly, almost casually, and lets go of my arms. "It's today."

He walks away.

"Wait, Seb, what's today...?" I realise the answer to the question as I ask it, and the weight of it stops me from running after him again.

And then the bell goes.

The End

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