Part Forty-FourMature

It was inevitable that Nannie would start getting annoyed with one of us after a while. I just thought it was going to be me, and I was OK with that. And if not me, my mother.

But no. She's getting at Seb, and I am not OK with that. 

All the years I've put in to try and make him at least slightly happy, and she is slowly and surely ruining it.

I don't think Seb really cares. He's putting everything he can into passing his A levels, and doing a good job of making sure I notice. He asks me for grammar checks on his coursework, because that's what I'm good at, while he;s better at things like Maths.

Meanwhile, Trish gains her first proper injury in a while. We reach the gazebo at the same time, and I see the bruising around her cheekbone where a layer of skin has been removed. There'd blood leaking from a gash which she is desperately trying to stop.

"Help me," she says with panic in her voice. "Get someone, but don't tell Dan."

I nod and quietly enter the gazebo, and I tap Evan's shoulder. He turns and frowns when he sees my expression. I gesture for him to follow me.

Daniel looks at us with a raised eyebrow, but doesn't say anything as we leave. 

When Evan sees Trish, he swears under his breath.

"You are so lucky Dan respects the need for secrecy," he tells us. "Come with me."

We follow him to an empty classroom, and he leaves us there while he gets things to sort out Trish's injury with.

The ten minutes we're alone together is quite awkward. I don't know her well enough to comfort her properly, but she definitely needs it. When I tell her I wish I could help, she just shakes her head in understanding as tears fall silently onto her cheeks.

Then Evan returns and cleans her injury, putting a large plaster over it. Afterwards, he sits beside me and asks her what happened. 

"You can't tell Dan," she pleads, her voice shaking. "You can't."

"We won't," Evan assures her. "But seriously. You've got to tell someone."

She nods. "OK, I... Well... You know there's this thing going on with Callum and Dan... Well... Dan saw Callum in the street and his anger flared. He attacked Callum, but Callum acted as though he didn't care. But just now, he tried  to say Dan was trying to steal me away from him. I defended Dan, saying he is just protective of me, but Callum thinks it's my responsibility to make sure he isn't. I said that I couldn't help it, that I didn't want him to protect me. And Callum... he hit me. But he turned his ring to the inside of his hand first, so he knew it would cut me... I know, I've had worse from him before, but I just... I can't..."

Evan frowns. "Trish, you have to leave him. You have to stop all this."

"I can't..." she says. "He says if I do, he'll make my life hell. If this isn't it, I'm scared about what is."

The End

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