Part Forty-ThreeMature

On Monday, Anna rushes over to me, obviously ecstatic. Her obliviousness to what went on at the weekend makes me smile.

As it turns out, the ex boyfriend asked her out again, and she's been hoping that he would ever since they broke up.

When I warn her against him, she tells me he's different now. He's a completely different person, apparently.

Of course he is.

She seems to have completely forgotten the reason he dumped her in the first place. 

I sigh, already preparing to lose her yet again.


The next month goes really, really well. 

Seb's depression disappears gradually until there's a moment where he's laughing, and it's out of actual genuine happiness, and it makes my day.

Daniel and I share a look that says we know exactly how the other feels, and the feeling is fantastic. 

Judo joins my Drama class, which the teacher allows because we're doing the same exam and our lessons are at the same time.

It turns out he's a really good actor. He can easily become someone else at the drop of a hat, and he can cry at will. 

We're both put in charge of writing the script by everyone else in our group, so we spend most of our lunchtimes developing relationships between different characters. 

Daniel says he's never seen Judo put so much effort into anything in life, and he thinks Judo is trying to impress me. 

I don't think that's true. In fact, it's completely ridiculous. I mean, he has no reason to try and impress me. Why would he?

The End

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