Part Forty-OneMature

"She's awake," someone mutters.

How can they know that? I only just noticed myself.

"Seb?" I try to ask, but my voice has disappeared so I end up mouthing it.

He comes to my side anyway and takes my hand so I know he's there.

"Am I in hospital?" I ask him.

"You fell down the stairs, Lola. You're lucky your neck isn't broken," he says. But he's mumbling under his breath so there must be a lot of people in the room.

"Make them leave," I tell him at he same volume.

He squeezes my hand before letting it go, and I hear him whispering to someone. Then there's muttering, a door swings open and shut and there's silence.

Only  after I'm sure the room is empty, except of me and Seb, do I open my eyes.

When he looks at me, his features are creased with guilt, and he's doing a bad job of hiding it.

"Seb," I sigh as he kneels on the chair next to my hospital bed. "It's not your fault."

"Yes it is," he says, breaking down into tears. "You had a nightmare. You screamed in your sleep. You shouted my name and you were terrified, and I tried to wake you up but you wouldn't. If I hadn't said your name, you wouldn't have fallen because-"

"Sebastian!" I exclaim, interrupting him.

He stares at me for a second, eyes wide. I pull him to me so his head rests on my stomach, and he apologises over and over again through sobs that shake his body.

I stay silent, because he thinks that he is responsible for everything bad that happens to me, and I know nothing I can say will convince him otherwise.

The End

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