Part Thirty-EightMature

Seb says he can't face school on Monday, so he doesn't go. It's OK, though, because that lunchtime marks the end of the detentions.

The Head teacher works out that the problem lies between me and Daniel, so he tells us that no-one will be allowed to leave until we talk to each other.

"Daniel... this would be so much easier if you tell me..." I say after ten minutes of listening to the clock tick. "... I don't know what I've done..."

He stands, his hands in fists. "Yes you do."

I shake my head. I... I don't. If it's about counts, then I-"

"It's not about counts! I don't give a shit what the doctor knows about counts! She didn't even believe you!"

"Then I really don't-"

"Yes you DO!" He moves towards me quickly. Judo and Evan are in front of me within a split second, blocking his way.

"It's fine when it's me," Judo warns him calmly. "But if you touch Lola, I swear you will regret it."

I tug at Judo's arm. "It's fine, Judo. Evan, it's fine."

Neither of them move.

"Judo, please," I tug his arm again and he steps away, standing nearby. Trish coaxes Evan away quietly.

Daniel moves so close to me that I'm leaning away from him against the table. "You told Seb that I have feelings for him, when you promised not to," he says in a voice which terrifies me. He's so quiet, I know only he and I can hear what he's saying.

"Daniel... I haven't told my brother anything," I tell him, trying not to let how scared I am leak into my voice.

"Don't you dare lie to me," he moves even closer to me, ensuring the conversation can only be heard by us. "In the hospital, he asked me if I loved him."

"Daniel, I swear, I haven't told him. I promise. I said you made me swear not to tell."

"Swear on his life."

"What?" I gasp. Daniel doesn't know he's struck a nerve.

"Swear on your brother's life that you haven't told him anything. Do it!"

"I swear on Seb's life, I haven't told him anything," I whisper.

He leaves the room.

The guys are immediately at my side, and I assure them over and over that I'm OK. 

"Leave her alone," Trish tells them.

"I thought he was going to hit her," Evan snaps.

"So did I," she says. "But look at Judo's face, and he's his brother. If he'd wanted to hit Lola, he would have.

The End

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