Part Thirty-SevenMature

The following night, Nannie tells us that she's going to live here for a while. Our mother told her what happened with Seb, and she doesn't want it happening again. She says she's surprised to see him looking healthier.

He mutters something inaudibly. 

"Sebastian, if you don't start using full sentences, I will make it a certainty that you see a therapist," Nannie says, exasperated. 

"I'm trying not to worry Lola," he says quietly.

Nannie raises an eyebrow. "Is he eating all his food," she asks me.

"No, but he's eating a bit more than usual."

She looks at Seb. "Have you seen her? She's got worry written all over her."

"I said..." he sighs. "I said I'm trying, Nannie."

"Do you not have anything to say about this?" Nannie demands of our mother.

"Nannie, he's really trying," I say. "Really."

She kisses her teeth.

Predictably, our mother keeps to her room after that.

The End

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