Part Thirty-FourMature

The next day, an assembly is called. Anna sits next to me, with Judo on my other side. He has a black eye, but he says he's fine.

Scanning the room, I locate every member of the group except Daniel. I ask Judo where he is, and he shrugs. He doesn't even care.

When everyone is quiet, the Head waits for a few seconds before speaking.

"There are an equal number of white and black students in this school," he says. "Today, the atmosphere in your temporary lunch accommodation will be monitored by staff. It will be required that a mix of black student and white students sit at each table. That is all. You may return to your lessons. Would the following people please stay behind? Judo Angler, Evan Angler, Lola Tarapachii, Daniel Angler and Beatrice Manuel. Thank you."

Everyone files out of the assembly hall, muttering about lunch. The five pf us who are asked to stay behind form a group. Althoug Daniel isn't here, so there are only four. 

"Where is Daniel?" The Head asks.

We all shrug and tell him that we don't know. 

"When he returns, please tell him that he is to come to my office." He stands before us and clasps his hands together. "I understand that there has been some upset among the members of this friendship group. "Why is this?"

"I don't know, Sir," I say. "I'm not sure what happened."

"Of course not. Would anyone care to inform Lola what has happened?"

Evan sighs. "I was trying to get him to tell me what you did. He wouldn't. I asked him why he was so angry at you, but he said you should know. Trish said she couldn't imagine you doing anything to hurt him. Dan told her she didn't know anything. He called you a liar. Judo said he didn't believe that was true, and Dan hit him. Hard. Judo said he didn't mean to cause offence, Dan got angrier. Trish told him to lay off, and I warned her to keep her mouth shut. Judo told Dan he was overreacting and got himself beat up. No-one could stop him, so I told Trish to get help, and I managed to stop Dan while she was gone. A teacher turned up and the bell went so we had to go to lessons. None of us have seen Dan since."

I stay silent, taking it in. Dan has attacked his own brother because of something I've done.

"It seems," says the Head, "That none of you are prepared to discuss this.From tomorrow, you will all serve lunchtime detentions until this is resolved. Lola, please tell your brother he is to attend school from next week, as he must pass his exams and make his university application. You may leave."

The End

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