Part Thirty-ThreeMature

After a while, Daniel stops turning up at lunch, and everyone tells me I should be worried. I ask why, and they say it's hard to explain. Tobias tells me that whenever Daniel is this angry, it always ends in something bad. Seamus adds that the bad thing is normally long term. 

While I'm having this conversation with the guys, Trish walks in, looking determined.

"Where's Evan?" Seamus asks.

"He's helping calm Dan down," she says. "So is Judo."

"What happened?" Tobias asks.

"He threw a right fit. Bigger than the first time Callum hit me. I've never seen him like that, so I've come to warn Lola." She sits opposite me. "Lola, I need you to brace yourself. The guy is like a tornado. Nothing good ever comes of these things. He had a go at Callum, and the abuse got worse. You've already had the centre of it - he stopped talking to you. This is the worst part. He leaved injury and destruction behind him," and then she suddenly hugs me like I'm her sister.

The End

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