Part ThirtyMature

I am staring into the face of my mother, and she is crying.

It is three hours and fifteen minutes since I got back to my house.

I don't feel sorry for her. To be honest, I'm quite pissed off.

The only reason she knows about it is because school rang her and told her. She's dealing with it by drinking, and it disgusts me. She hasn't even been to the hospital.

So, without speaking, I take the bottle and the glass from her, and smash them into the sink.

Following that, I go to Seb's room and clean it. Forcing myself not to react to the things I find in my thorough search. These are the only things I do not clean.

When I have finished, it could be a five star hotel room.

I will sort out my life if it kills me.


In the early hours of the following morning, I wake to the sound of Seb and my mother arguing. It's a sound I both expect, yet do not want to hear.

What makes them hate each other?

It's hard to remember the last time they spoke without venom or viciousness. 

The volume gets louder and louder until I can hear clearly what they're saying.

There is a sudden hush, a door slams and someone runs upstairs. The next door opens with force, and then there is a stretch of silence before it closes with a quiet click.

The End

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