Part Twenty-NineMature

Daniel comes out and mutters that he needs to speak with her, so I go into Seb's room.

He hastily wiped his eyes when he sees me.

"It's all right, I know you're crying," I tell him.

He sighs shakily. "I'm sorry."

"What for?"

"Worrying you," he doesn't even attempt to stop his tears. It seems it's a problem we both have. He beckons me over and I sit on a chair beside his bed. "You've been talking to Dan about me."


"You told him what I said."


"Did you know he was lying so you wouldn't be stressed?"

I have to think before I answer. "What did he tell you?"

Before he can speak, a fresh wave of tears take hold of him. Through his sobs, he manages to tell me what he and Daniel spoke about.

He says that Daniel didn't mention anything about how he feels, only admitted that he cares a lot. He told Seb what I told him, and described the emotion in my features.

By the end, Seb has to stop talking because his sobs restrict his speech.

Then Daniel enters the room and glares at me, which is quite confusing.

"I'm not going to have a go at you, because you don't know what you've done," he says. "And I need your help right now, so pissing you off would not be the right way to go."

I frown and carefully ignore his first comment. "Help with what?"

He looks to my brother. "Seb, you need to talk to the doctors."

Seb's eyes go wide. "No."

My mind goes into survival mode. "Yes, Seb. You have to. What if you're seriously ill?"

"Exactly," Daniel agrees. "Obviously you already need medical help."

"I'm not talking to anyone," Seb casts his eyes away.

"Seb!" I exclaim.

"Why do you care so much anyway?" he demands.

"Because I love you!" Daniel and I shout simultaneously.

The room is quiet.

Machines are humming, clocks are ticking.

Daniel steps away with his back to Seb, and shoves a hand through his hair.

Without intention, I mimic his action.

I hear Seb's breath catch before he whispers, "No. No you don't."

When Daniel turns to face him exactly how I do, I realise that we are feeling the same emotions.

Daniel does not love my brother as a boyfriend. He loves him how I do. As a brother.

Seb stares into the space between us. "Go home," he says. "Both of you. Just go."

The End

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