Part Twenty-TwoMature

Contrary to Judo's prediction, Trish has not stopped watching me, despite the fact that I am now part of her group.

However, I finally remember to look what she's wearing, and it's simply a grey tracksuit. Not every day, but that's what she's wearing when I think to look.

And Judo was right: she did get over her grudge against me.


In my room, my mind is awash with questions.One after the other, ricochetting around in y head, but never offering an answer.

Was Seb actually lying to me? How long have Seb and Daniel known each other, and why didn't Seb tell me about Daniel?

How long has Daniel loved my brother? Does Seb love him back?

Why were they all quiet that time, and where are the missing members of their group? How are they all so tightly knit?

Where did Trish actually get her bruise from? Who is the mysterious 'him' she's supposed to have seen?

And why, why oh why, does she keep watching me!?


Seb has been trying his damn hardest not to worry me, but it just makes me worry more. He's not acting like himself.

He comes into my room every evening and just talks to me. He'll tell me how he's feeling, and each time he'll look even more terrified. 

When I ask him questions, he answers quietly, and he doesn't make any more promises.

So, when I am absolutely sure that he'll be comfortable answering, I ask him about Daniel.

His eyes go wide. "What has he told you?"

"He made me promise to keep it a secret.."

"He would," Seb smiles slightly. "We have a lot of secrets, me and Dan." He sighs. "He once offered for us to sit with them, but I said no because you would prefer to sit with me alone."

It's a valid excuse - I'm protective of him and everyone knows it. It's also a complete lie.

"What's the real reason?"

He shrugs. "It would be awkward."

At my quizzical look, he rolls up his sleeve, and then pauses. "You sit with them now, don't you ?" I nod and he points to a pale scar just above the crease of his elbow. "This one is because I'm gay."

Based on his expression, my grin is not the reaction he was expecting.

"Does Daniel know?"

Seb wrinkles his nose as if he's recalling and embarrassing memory. "Yeah."

It's all I can do not to reveal Daniel's secret.

But I'm half-fortunately saved by my brother, who causes part of my trust in him to collapse. 

It seems as though he's talking more to himself than me. 

"Dan knows almost everything about me," he says. "More than you do, I think. There's only one thing he doesn't know, really. Something I'll probably never tell anyone. I-" 

Suddenly, he cuts himself off and looks at me, horrified. 

"Seb...?" I gently place my hand on his arm.

In one quick motion, he moves into a kneeling position and has locked both of my wrists in his hands. 

"Lola, I've lied to you."

I swallow the lump in my throat that immediately forms when he says that. "About what?"

He tries to start his sentence seven times, then finally says, "I can't. I can't tell you."

Then he gets up and goes.

The End

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