Part Twenty-OneMature

On the Monday, our makeshift walls have been pulled back like curtains and tied to the legs of the gazebo.

Seamus comments that it's better with the light in, and we all agree, although Judo says it doesn't feel as private.

Daniel asks me if I found out about Seb, and I tell him what happened.

He frowns. "Are you sure he didn't promise so you would stop worrying?"

"I'm certain. He knows I never stop worrying about him, and I have good reason to. Last time he made a promise like that he..." I trail off as I realise what I'm recalling.

Daniel notices. "Go on. If it's a personal secret, I'll share one of mine with you."

"... It's... too personal."

He insists. "I'll tell you something I've never told anyone else."

I sigh, seeing that he's not going to let it go.

Last time he made a promise like that, he said the same thing. He told me he was scared then, too. I was only ten at the time. He was thirteen..."

"What had he done?"

I look at him and tell him as bluntly as I possibly can. "He tried to kill himself."

"Shit. And he was just thirteen?"

"Yeah. Afterwards I made him promise that he wouldn't it again. And he did the same thing. He took my face in his hands , looked into my eyes and said 'I promise. I promise you, Lola. I will not try to commit suicide again." I sigh. "He talks to me every time he reaches a low..."

Daniel lowers his voice. "Now it's my turn, and I'm going to tell you why I ask about him so much. I'm confident in telling you, because I know you won't mind. But I'm also telling you in confidence, do you understand?"

I nod. "Yes."

"OK. Right. OK. Whether it's that I simply care a lot about your brother, or that I love him, I know that I can't lose him to his own emotion. That's the absolute truth."

"I'm guessing Evan knows..." I say.

He nods. "Evan knows everything about me. He's the only one of this lot who can actually keep a secret."

When he says that, I make a mental note in my head. I've discovered that it's pretty difficult keeping up with Trish and her group of boys, especially as they have a habit of all trying to have about three different conversations at once.

The End

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