Part EighteenMature

That lunchtime, after the eldest of Trish's group flicks a glance at me again, they go quiet in a sort of group huddle. They all keep shooting glances at me, except Trish, who watched me through her hair.

After a brief discussion, one of them gets up and walks over.

"Hey," he says. "It's Lola, right?"

I nod. "Hi."

"I'm Judo. You wanna sit with us?"

"I don't think I should," I say. "I'm not related to you guys."

He shrugs. "Neither's Trish. C'mon, it's gotta be better than sitting here on your own."

I'm uncertain, but I agree because he has a point.

He leads me over and tells me to sit where he was, and he takes a place next to Trish.

"Right, you probably know this one's Beatrice," he ruffles her hair and she shoves him off.

"It's Trish," she corrects him, kissing her teeth. Then she turns to me. "Oh, and thanks, by the way, for doing me in the other week. Now I've got this douche on my back twenty-four seven.

"Ignore her," Judo says. "She holds grudges. She'll be fine by Monday. And now you're here, maybe she'll actually join in the conversation rather than jut staring at you."

Trish folds her arms and kisses her teeth again, avoiding my eyes.

"Excuse Beatrice. And here's a genuine thanks. She doesn't seem to understand when people give one about her." This is the older one, who yelled at Trish. "I'm Daniel. Nice to meet you, Lola."

After that, it takes about ten minutes to introduce the other three, because they all have about fifty comments to make about each other.

The youngest is Tobias, he's twelve. They all seem to think he's a bit stupid, making comments like 'you're twelve, you don't know'.

Next is Seamus, who's fourteen. He's the one who Trish threw the pencils at, and they all say he's a nerd.

Turn out, Tris is fifteen, like me. She just looks a bit young for her age. The boys say she's normally great to be around, but turns into a three-year-old when she's mardy. 

Judo's also fifteen, and seems to have a lo of questions. 

Evan is sixteen, almost seventeen, and is usually the peace-keeper. However, Seamus forces him to admit that he gets violent when he's angry.

Then there's Daniel, who everyone hesitantly admits is like a father figure to them. He's eighteen. Seb's age. But they say he's a bit antisocial.

Of the boys, Evan and Seamus are brothers. So are Daniel and Judo. Tobias is a cousin to all of them, and they all share the surname of Angler.

Trish is with them because she knew Daniel before she moved to this school. Her surname is Manuel.

The End

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