Part FourteenMature

It's back to lunch time, and things have changed. 

Heather's hair has been cut short, and hangs above her ears in tight curls.

Her sisters are suddenly the same height she is, and they don't give me dirty looks like they used to. 

Trish's group of boys is now short of two people, and her hair is parted so that it completely covers one eye. All of them are unusually silent, just picking at their food and staring at the table.

For once, Trish isn't watching us.

Seb isn't here, and I suspect it's a way of not having to eat lunch. 

My three options are provoke Heather, watch Trish's group, or go and find Anna.

The first option is stupid and unpleasant, so that's a no-no.

The third option is out of the question, and I'd feel uncomfortable being the only black kid in a bunch of white people.

It was always going to be option two.

As I look over, Trish leans on her hand and then winces, sucking in a sharp breath through her teeth.

I flick my eyes over to one of the guys, and he nods slightly as if to say 'I'll check', but he looks confused, as though he doesn't know what's wrong with her.

The guy gets up and moves over to her, and she turns her head away from him.

"Beatrice," he warns.

Strange. I always thought Trish was her actual name.

She gives him a steely glare and he kisses his teeth. Then he tilts her face towards him, and her hair falls away to reveal a harsh stain around her eye and on her cheekbone. 

He lets go of her and takes a step away.

"For fuck's sake, Beatrice!" he snaps.

One of the other guys leans over. "Dude, what's on with your face?"

"It's nothing," she mutters. All five of them give her looks of disbelief. "Seriously! I... I walked into a wall."

Three of them laugh, and the other grins. "Dipshit."

The original guy put his hands on the table and leans right into her face. He's much bigger than she is. 

"Beatrice," he stares at her until she looks at him. "I told you not to talk to him."

"I didn't," she averts her eyes.

"Don't lie to me," his voice is quiet, and slightly scary. She doesn't say anything. "I told you not to see him, Beatrice." Still she says nothing. He bangs his hands on the table. "Beatrice!"

She stands up very quickly. "I said I didn't!" And she walks out.

The End

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