Part ElevenMature

My nan is someone who gets what she wants, when she wants. So the entire time she's here, she has complete run of the house. 

It's nice, actually, because I only have to do half the work. She doesn't relieve me of my cleaning duties, but she helps.

My mother, while I'm clearing out the kitchen cupboards, looks at me curiously. 

"You know, Lola," she says, "That I don't expect you to do that."

"Tell her that when you're ready to do it," Nannie responds, and then sends her to the shop with an extensive list. Then she stops and looks up at me. "Lola, I'll have to ask you to make like Cinderella and scrub the floor. My back's not what it used to be. I'm going to try and get more than a sentence out of your brother.

"Make him eat this," I jump down from the counter and hand her a bowl of soup that has been cooling down. Seb is extremely picky, and doesn't consume and liquid unless it's lukewarm or colder.

"Lola, this is cold," she says. "And half empty."

"I know, Nannie. Just be thankful if it's completely empty when he's finished."

She raises and eyebrow. "There are about three spoonfuls in this bowl."

"Yes, and like I said, be thankful."

Nannie frowns and marches purposefully into the front room.

The End

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