Part TenMature

Nannie turns up when I'm in the process of conducting the half-a-yearly clean out. This involves me and Seb throwing nearly half the stuff in our house away.

My room is the easiest, because I keep everything I don't want or need on top of my wardrobe. 

Seb chucks anything and everything into boxes to give the illusion that his room is tidy, so I bring all those boxes downstairs, along with the contents of his cupboards and drawers. Then I create two piles: one for stuff he's keeping, the other for stuff he's throwing out. I hold up each item, and the comment he makes determines which pile I put it on. 

The 'out' pile is considerably bigger than the 'keep' pile, and we've got ourselves into a bit of an argument about it. 

"For god's sake, Seb! Just do yourself and me a favour and dump it all outside! Take it. All. Out, out, out!"

"Sebastian, if your sister is saying that, I suggest you get rid of it before I get back downstairs."

I jump up. "Nannie! Let me help you take your stuff upstairs.!"

She hands me her suitcase and follows me to my room.

"No," she objects. "I'm sharing with Sebastian this time."

"I don't think he'll be pleased," I try.

Nannie rolls her eyes. "He never is pleased, that brother of yours."

"No, Nannie. I mean he prefers to be alone."

Nannie narrows her eyes at me. "Lola, when was the last time you went in his room?"

"About a fortnight ago, why?"

"Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? And when I say that, I mean ordinary ordinary, not Sebastian's ordinary."

"No, not at all, Nannie."

She sighs and goes into my room. "You've always been an awful liar, you know that?"

The End

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