Fight to the Death

My shield had to be strong, I threw all of my energy into it.. it wasn't at capacity..  There had to be a back up..  Air pushed against me, threatening to slam me to the Earth, threatening to flatten me with it's force..

I turned, my face to the ground, the air pushed against my back.. I could hear rips, like cloth, I knew the shield was being destroyed..The ground was coming up fast, I placed my hands out in front of me palms down..

Inside my swealtering mind, I tried to picture the shield, I tried to picture a reinforcing sheet of energy, bonding, binding, meshing with it.

I didn't see the asteroid, I smelled, heard, felt it, I knew it was close.

Down to the ground, I was falling over the desert,  nothing but sand in all directions.. I closed my eyes and concentrated,  sand looked soft, but with the heat my fall was generating and the speed, it could cut me to ribbons.. Oh I could heal but, I didn't have the time, the asteroid was too close..

So I concentrated, I felt the blood run from my nose, my ears popped.. I thought hard.. so hard..  I looked down and saw the shimmering blue.. The elements had been kind..

Turning once again, I broke the water with my pointed toes, going straight to the bottom, hitting the sand and propelling myself upwards with all my might.. I had to go to it..


The End

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