Combining the Elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire

I fought against the downward force, raising my hands towards the sun.  closing my eyes, concentrating, I gave my will to whichever force would take me first..

If I had a choice, wind would be nice.. Instead, it was the sun.  The great ball sent rays towards me, I steeled myself for the sharp hot fingers that would invade my insides.

It touched my finger tips first.. warm, soothing, slowly making it's way down into my hands, heating my blood, flowing through each artery, each vein, each capillary..

Tendrils of heat slid through my "superior and inferior" vena cavas.  The pulse at my temples quickened..  The "carotids" became warm.  My brain swam..  Slight pricking to my "aorta".. 

My heart, pounded with a bounding, deep pulsating beat,  the heat radiated through my heart, lungs, liver, my blood thickened.. my skin turned ebony..

The path of heat would have killed an average human, but I wasn't average was I?

Hot fingers touched every part of me and I became an ash.. light, so very light... flittering away on the power that took over now, Wind.. 

I allowed myself to float, to feel the cooling effects of the breeze.. and it took me down, down towards the Earth..

I needed to focus now.. the projectile picked up speed, I didn't have time to enjoy the briefest respite..  "I need you, Mother Earth!"

And she heard me.. and she came to my aid as she always had, as she had come to our aid many times.. feeding, watering, healing, sheltering.. 

The ground quaked.. dust rose into the air, I saw below me a pillar of earth, of rich brown earth.. and then the cloud, the lightening, I heard, no I felt the thunder.. the rain fell..

It all came to meet me, mid air, it rose, higher, higher, it swallowed me and I was one with it, I spread the shield over the Earth..

This was it, there would be no second chance..

The End

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