Free Falling

Regaining my senses, I realized I was Free Falling and this, was not good.

Although I should have been weightless, the force of the explosion had pushed me into flight,  flight that I was not controlling. 

I knew I would enter the atmosphere soon, I knew that the pull would greatly increase the speed of my plummet and I'd be incinerated upon reentry.

It was true, from space, the Earth did look like a big blue marble, breathtakingly beautiful.  The thought of it being destroyed bouyed me back to relevant thought. 

I had to stop my rapid descent..

Drawing in a deep breath, I called out to the solar power, I invoked the wind.. I summoned the great rain cloud..

Waves of thought were sent out to Mother Earth.. I had to combine these elements, I had to save the Earth but, first, I had to save myself..

The End

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