Energy meets Energy

Stretching, I took flight, it needed to be met out there, far away from the planet. 

As I sped through Earths atmosphere, friction caused me to glow incandescent red.  My speed increased and I glowed bright like the evening star.

The thing never waivered but then I didn't expect it would.  I pulled away from the restraints of gravity.  I cooled and air flowed over and through me.

It was within my sights, it turned slowly, I saw what had caught my attention from down below, wedged inside one of the crevices was a shiny object.. it had USA written on the side..

It was close enough now, full speed, faster than the speed of sound, I tucked my head down between my shoulders, I pushed my hands out in front of me and headed straight for the object..

The sound of unendurable silence hit me, it went through me, it spread it's fingers over me and knocked the glow from my skin.  The object inside the asteroid.. exploded..  it created a vaccuum and sucked all of my energy from me..

I was stunned, I felt pain, I couldn't hear, I couldn't breathe.. I began tumbling, down.. down, back towards the Earth..

The End

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