The Gaurdian

Urgency roused me..  Earth and it's inhabitants were in danger..

I'd slumbered for eons now it was time.  There was a special place for me, a place that would meld me with the elements.  I traveled fast, things did not look as they had when I'd gone down inside the Earth.

There was a ribbon of black, streaked with yellow, it ran along side the mountain.  Strange objects rose from the top of the mountain, strung together with cord.  I watched as the birds perched there. 

I increased my speed, instinct led me to my place. 

There, the semi circle, the large trees surrounded it, the soil was dark and rich.  My presence was announced, the branches shook,  the trees swayed.. I stepped into the circle..

An Earth shattering quake tore my piece of ground and propelled it into the air.  The sun turned it's attention to me... I planted my feet deep, deep down in the soil and the roots came up, they penetrated the femoral arteries, pumping me full of the power from inside the Earth.. 

My gaze moved through the heat of the sun and I could see the tail of the asteroid..    it moved silent, it moved with stealth, it's deadly trajectory true.. it's target...Earth

And then I saw something else, something not natural to a heavenly body.. I saw a smooth metallic glint..  just for a second, just as it turned slightly.. this was, something sent.

Power coursed through me, I became transparent, I became pure energy..

And I stepped out to meet the thing.. to destroy it.


The End

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