Malkoff Lichtengel (Part 1)Mature

Returning Home


Bain lay there on the table, resting himself for what seemed like the first time in forever. Despite wanting to rush back to Elizabeth’s side, he was feeling calm. The best doctor in the area was on his way to heal his wife, he was alive after taking a gut wound, and soon he could return home. Yes, things were actually turning for the better! Maybe she would be better by the time he got back?

“Lord Rose?”

Bain sat up slowly, wincing with the pain from his wound, and saw a young man with messy hair in the doorway of the room. “You must be Kevin.” The boy nodded. “Is there anything you have for pain?”

“Er… yes, my lord.” Kevin walked off to the side of the room and started to grab a few things from the shelves. They looked to be herbs. Horus had said the boy knew his stuff. Bain hoped so. One mistake could leave him worse off than he already was.

As the boy was crushing the herbs he had gathered, Bain tested his body. Aside from the stomach wounds, it only had slight aches and pains. That battle really was a bother. Why would Cultist attack him? Sure, they had their odd rituals and people they tried to sacrifice, but it made no sense. Had Bain been ‘chosen’ for some sort of ritual then? And when had a cult learned about him? Bain put his head in his hands and massaged his scalp.

A presence came near Bain. There was no other way to describe it. It was if a strong… aura was coming closer. It made a sound as well. At first, it was just a small buzzing, like that of a bee. Then, the sound grew and sounded like two things grinding against one another. Stone maybe? No… Bones. Bain did not know how he knew, but he did.

The door opened and Bain looked to see a large man with long dark hair covering his face. From the look of him, with a hard face looking like it was carved from stone and a height that only a few British could reach, he was most likely foreign. Could he speak Bain’s language?

For a moment, the two men just stared at each other, Bain’s dark brown meeting a hard green. It was not hate or dislike that went through Bain’s heart, but an understanding. This man was a comrade, Bain was sure of it.

Kevin, noticed the large foreign man, but didn’t give any reaction other than a nod. He walked to Bain and handed him some green mixture. Bain reluctantly looked away from the large man and took the potion. “What will this do?”

Kevin smiled. “Well, it will kill the pain and let your stomach go numb. It’s a bit powerful, but I mixed the roots and leaves just right. You see-“

Bain cut him off with a hand. “I thank you for this and enjoy that you are excited in your field, but I am afraid I do not know much of medicine or healing.” Kevin seemed disappointed, but muttered a ‘Yes, my lord,’ and walked out of the room, leaving Bain alone with the large man.

“Are you the one who helped me?” Bain asked.

“Yes.” So he could speak in the British language! Excellent!

“I thank you, then,” Bain said, sipping the potion. It tasted horrible, but he was desperate to get home. Bain turned the bowl up and guzzled it down. It was hard not to gag.

“You are a companion,” the large man said.

Bain was confused now. Companion? What did he mean? “In battle, should you help me once more.”

“You have a being called Enphearos,” the man said, eyes narrowing, “Don’t you?”

Bain jumped up and stood directly in front of the man, left hand gripping his blade. “What do you know of that?” How could this man know of his dreams? Maybe he had been poisoning Bain…?

“Because,” the man said, raising his hand, palm facing the cealing, “I have a being in me too.”

Bain laughed now. He knew what this was now. The man had made a wild guess and now he was playing off it. If this WAS the same one who aided him in battle, then he may have heard Bain speaking in his unconscious state and used it. No need to let a fool guide one’s thoughts. It was stupidity in the least.

“I am Lord Bain Van Rose, feudal lord of Garrison’s March, which is east of here.” Bain raised an outstretched hand.

The man just stared at it. “I am Malkoff Lichtengel.”

Bain dropped his hand after he realized the man was not going to shake it. No use in wasting the energy. Why was the man’s hand still up anyway? “I take it you are German, Sir Lichtengel?”

As if in answer, a ball of light appeared in Malkoff’s hand. Bain jumped back, too surprised to notice the pain in his stomach, and nearly tripped. “What in God’s name is this?”

Malkoff smiled slightly for a moment and let the light go out. “You are like me.”

The End

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