Dreams of the Fallen (End)Mature

Bain laughed wildly and began moving the mass amounts of bones on the ground. Skulls, arm bones, leg bones, pelvic bones, ribs, backbones, and more! They flowed through the room like a great tide. Bain had never seen the ocean, but plenty of lakes and rivers gave him an idea. This was, indeed, an ocean of bone.

Gerome, once called father by Bain, stood confused. Was he afraid? He should be. With this much power Bain could end him once and for all. He needed to stay gone. It was enough of a relief the first time he had died. Why was he even back? 

Ignoring his thoughts for the moment, Bain commanded the bones into figures. They each had two arms and legs, with a bundle of skulls for heads. True horrors, they were. But, they would be useful. Once completed, the figures of bone grabbed Gerome. Now, on Bain's command, they would rip him to shreds and-


Bone scattered to the floor at the black misted creatures booming command. Leaving Gerome standing with his ax. He too vanished, but not before Bain saw the look of pure terror on his soulless face. Bain's father or not, it was unsettling in the least.

"Thou has misused thy power! Begone!"

Darkness entered Bain's vision. Was this death?


Bain opened his eyes to a wooden roof. Where was he? He tried to sit up, but a harsh pain in his stomach forced him back down. It felt like he had been stabbed. Wait... that's right! He had been fighting some people... Cultists, actually. One of them had managed to stab him. How had he gotten here though? Where was here?

Bain looked around and quickly identified the house as the Healer's hut from the shelves of herbs, linen, and other medical supplies. Could this be Horus' home? There was a light to all the darkness after all, if that was the case. All Bain had to do was discover if the Light was false or not. 

Ignoring the pain as best he could, Bain sat up. It seemed he had developed a headache as well. Probably from the loss of blood and sudden movement from his first attempt to sit up. Pain was not really the funnest thing to endure in life. Why couldn't any of the trips he made go smoothly. If only for this one time!

The door on the far side of the room opened and a man Bain recognized as Horus came through. At first he did not notice Bain. He looked as if he were listening to someone from behind. Sure enough, the man stopped and stared at the door. Was that a whisper? Maybe an apprentice? 

The whisper stopped and Horus turned and finally saw Bain. "What are you doing sitting up?" he scowled. Bain was reminded of his own town's doctor just then. Were all healers the same, then? Scowling at you when they thought you needed it, regardless of your age?

"I'm fine, Horus," Bain said slowly, turning to let his feet rest on the floor, "I need your help as soon as possible though."

Horus sighed and went to grab something. "I suppose it's about your wife, Lord Rose?"

"How did you-"

Horus held up a letter, one with the insignia of his House on it; three diamonds with a line connecting them. "One of your people, most likely your brother whom I know, sent a rider that arrived just before you woke. I guess he wanted to be on the safe side." Horus scratched his head. "I'll go, of course, but I don't know if you can accompany me in your condition, Lord Rose."

Bain started to protest, but stopped himself. He had a gut wound. He was lucky to be alive! If he did travel with Horus, it would only slow the Healer down. Well, he at least was glad Horus could go on ahead. He may not be able to return to Elizabeth's side yet, but he would make sure she would have her healer!

"I want you to take Dalzig," Bain said before Horus could leave the room, "He is fast and strong. He won't tire easily and as long as you give him the needed rest, he will get you there faster than any other horse you could find."

Horus smiled. "I'll leave you your horse, Lord Rose, I have Frank. Got him as payment from a traveling man. Frank is a paint raised to race, so I doubt your war horse could keep up." 

Bain nodded. The man was right. Dalzig was a powerful horse built to last throughout war and fast as well, but he would fall behind a paint raised to race. If anything, this was a good thing. The man could get to Elizabeth's side faster and cure her. Bain might be able to come home to a normal life!

"Anyway, I'll be leaving my apprentice Kevin in charge of the house. He has talent in the art and will help you in any way, should you need it. Leave payment on the desk, please." With that, Horus hurried out of the room. 

The End

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