Dreams of the Fallen (Page 2)Mature

But... Something seemed off. It was as if the body was there, but the soul was not. Was this not Bain's father or just a phantom using his body. His father was dead, after all. He could not be alive... Could he?

Bain stood, ignoring his nudity. He needed a weapon. Something - anything! - to help him fight this creature that wore the skin of his own father. The ground was littered with bones, but from the look of the massive golden ax at Lord Gerome's side, a bone would not work at all. Nay, a bone would probably prove worse than Bain's own hands.

"Thy bone's have power," the black-misted creature said in Bain's head, "You are thou! The one who can calleth upon that power! Let thy power come to ye!" Bain was confused, but let himself listen to the creatures words. The bone's power? How did they have power? Could they... could they be made of something tougher? 

Tentatively, Bain picked up one of the bones and swung it. It FELT like a normal bone. He did not know how he knew that to be true, but he did. Maybe the creature just wanted to give him false hope, though? 

Instinctively, Bain rolled to the side just as a golden ax swung into the ground where he had stood. Lord Gerome Van Rose looked angry that Bain had dodged the attack. Was this truly Bain's father? No, maybe it was the creature shrouded in mist controlling this figure.

Bain tried to block another slice from the giant ax, but found himself rolling back with a broken piece of bone in his hands. It had broken the instant the ax made contact. It was if it was weaker than even regular bones! Why would the creature trick him? Then again, why was Bain surprised.

The arena seemed to grow darker. "What is it I am supposed to do!" Bain screamed as his dodged another attack from his father. "Am I destined to die here?" The ax managed to make a long gash along Bain's leg. Pain bloomed in the area and Bain was forced to his arse.

This was the end.

It had to be.

Lord Gerome raised his ax.

Wait, why would the creature lie to him?

The ax started to descend.


Bain closed his eyes as the ax came near his neck, unable to move to save himself. the sound bones crunching and a man cursing came to life instead of pain. What was going on?

The End

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