Malkoff cursed and pulled the swordbreaker from behind his belt. The town usually allowed travelers to carry weapons, but Malkoff had hid the blade under his cloak just in case. He could never be too careful with the people of Britain. They always had a knack for putting him in the worst situations.

"Hello~ Malkoff," Arkheem hissed from beneath his hooded face. He wore a large rob that was bulky enough to hid his grotesque features. The hood was even draped over enough to hid the creatures face should a lantern come near him. He was growing smarter.

"Arkheem...," Malkoff grumbled, eyeing the British man who lay unconscious on the ground. His chest was still breathing, but with the long black hair the man had covering his face, Malkoff couldn't tell if he was awake still. It was unlikely, with the wound he know wore, but it was a possibility.

"Do not worry, Duel Soul," the creature said, sheathing his blue sword somewhere in his robes, "I have not come for you or your LightWeaver. I came to postpone the DeathGuard's return." A shrill laugh escaped Arkheems hidden and inhuman mouth. It was a dare.

The creature had lowered his defenses to draw Malkoff into combat and let the dark-haired man bleed out. Malkoff was tempted, but he knew Arkheem wanted it. If there was anything that Malkoff could do to hinder the burning creature, then he would do it.

Malkoff rushed Arkheem, causing the creature to let out another shrill laugh and jump back an inhuman distance. Instead of following, though, Malkoff scooped up the fallen man - who, thankfully, still breathed life - and ran to where the healer's house was. Malkoff just hoped it was in the same place. Malkoff nearly tripped on a dead body when he saw a distant sign. 

HEALER'S HOUSE, it read.

'Thank the gods!' Malkoff thought, then looked back. Arkheem stood in the distance, observing the bodies of his followers that littered the ground. Was the creature disturbed at the loss of so many of his men? Malkoff could laugh. IF the creature was, then it was a good day and if not... Well, it was still good to kill any who followed that burning creature.

Malkoff ducked into the Healer's House, the dark-haired man still unconscious, coming face to face with a plump bald man. The man took one look at Malkoff, taking in his large size, before moving his gaze to Malkoff's unconscious companion. The blood that soaked Malkoff's shoulder was obvious. 

"This way," the man said in a hushed voice.

Malkoff hurried after him. The Healer was short, but that didn't stop him from leaving Malkoff behind. Malkoff followed the man into a room and laid the dark-haired man on the table that was positioned in the middle of the room. He wasn't heavy, really, but something about the man had tired Malkoff out. Was it his innate power? If he was like Malkoff, then he would have one, probably of a different sort than Malkoff's own.

The unconscious man groaned when the plump man lifted up his back and wrapped a thick cloth around his waist. Malkoff studied the unconscious man as the Healer worked. His cloak, now tore and dark in color, was a very fine fabric, probably something only one of the high class or upper middle class could afford. The clothing were made with similar fabric, though, now that Malkoff could examine it, the shirt and breeches had padded leather stitched beneath the surface. 

What Malkoff noticed last was the man's sword. It hung at his waist, nothing in it's design was out of the ordinary really. It was just a long sword like one any knight of the Vatican would use. But... It had an odd symbol on the hand guard. Malkoff himself didn't recognize it, but Raphael did.

'So... the creature Arkheem spoke the truth...' the Angel's voice was reverent in Malkoff's head. Why did he have to share his body with Raphael? It was annoying to hear the angel speak from his mind. Malkoff was curious though, so he decided to deal with it.

'What truth?'

'This is one of the Chosen. One of your siblings in this world.'

'I have no siblings,' Malkoff thought, ignoring the cry of pain when the healer pressed on the wound.

'He is a brother in arms,' Raphael said with a laugh, 'Though he has yet to hear Enphearos.'

So, Malkoff had a companion in Immortality?

The End

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