Blue BladeMature

Bain once again prepared to use Straight Blade and cut through the men. If he could take down a good portion of them, they would most likely run. He was starting to feel tired, so an elongated battle would be bad. 

The cultists, their dark cloth-covered faces facing the ground, started moving forward. It was now or never. Bain had to use either Straight Blade or Freelance stance. Freelance would allow him to skirt the group of cultist's edges and take them down like peeling an onion. But which would work best...

His answer never came as another man, with long raven-black hair and green cloak plowed into the back of the cultist's group with a sword in hand. What Bain noticed most about the man was his size. Most the cultists had to look up as the man hacked through their ranks and knocked them down. Who was this man?

The man took about ten minutes to take out the cultists that remained. It was amazing and somewhat annoying how well this man attacked. He did not use any skills or stances that Bain could tell and seemed more like a butcher cutting meat than a warrior on the battle field. Did he just pick up a sword one day and teach himself?

No, Bain noticed cuts all along the man's body when he finished. It was obvious that this man either had no care for his own life or just was willing to throw his life away in battle, like the Spartans of Greece. 

"You ok?" the man said in a deep voice, finally showing his stone-like face. Bain unconsciously backed away as he walked forward, but stopped himself. 

"Yes," Bain replied, "I thank you for the assistance, though."

The man nodded in acknowledge ment, not showing any sign of emotion on that hard face of his. He then proceeded to scan Bain with his icy blue eyes. What did he see?

"I'm sorry," Bain said slowly, "But I must-" 


Bain felt pain. It ripped through his body from his stomach. Had he been punched? No, he would be falling from the impact, then. What was it, then? He looked down and saw the origin of the pain that purged through his body now. In his gut was a blue blade.

Darkness consumed Bain's vision. The last thing he saw was the large man's angry face.

The End

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