Leaving ZeroMature

"Hand over the boy," the man said, his voice cold and uncaring. He seemed to be only in his teens, but he fought like a true swordsman. Maybe he was some sort of assassin, trained from birth? There were groups that did that, then sold their trained killer's abilities to whoever had the money. 

"Are you really his brother?" Bain asked, noticing that Zero took no further steps forward. He wasn't far away, so Bain could easily reach him before the other man, despite his speed disadvantage. The black haired assailant must have known this as well, for he never moved to grab Zero.

"I have the same lineage, if that is what you want to hear," the man spat, his cold eyes, which Bain realized were an odd shade of grey, still glared at Bain. "I am Zane Zalizor, child of Abel, and I demand you return that child!" His grip tightened on the odd sword he carried.

Bain studied him for a moment, then looked to the sky. He didn't have time to waste here and besides, this is what he had been hoping for since he agreed to take Zero with him. "Zero," Bain said to the boy, causing him to look at Bain, "If he is truly your brother, then go to him. I don't think he will harm you." 

Zero stared at Bain, a strange look coming into his eyes. Was something wrong? 

Before Bain could ask, the boy walked toward the other man, a grimace appearing on his face. It seemed as though Zero trusted this man, but did not like him. It seemed about right for brothers though. 

In any case, Bain cared not. He was grateful that Zero was going to be taken home and that he could continue. He tried not to think about the possibility of an abusive household, as it was not his place to do anything. 

"May I pass now, Zalizor?" Bain asked, watching the green armor-clad man. Zane sheathed his sword slowly, then stepped to the side. Bain clicked his tongue, signaling Dalzig to follow. For some reason, both Zero and Zane stared at Bain's black stallion in awe, though Zane tried to hide it. Did they not have horses where they came from?

Bain ignored his thoughts and resisted the urge to ask. It wasn't hard when he thought of Elizabeth, who's life was in Bain's hands. He needed to get going and reach his destination. Slowly, Bain walked past Zane, his sword still in his hand and at the ready. He didn't trust the  man to leave him alone, but he had no time to talk things out.

After Bain got almost a dozen feet away from the man and Zero, he nodded to the boy with a smile and jumped on Dalzig. The horse took off immediately, leaving the two others to become figures in the distance, then disappear all together. Soon, Bain was galloping through the forest on his faithful warhorse. He had wasted enough time.

Grates was just through the woods.

The End

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