Monstroth the Hero (part 2) [Spoiler Alert!: For the Great Race]Mature

"It all started when a man named Rhazin killed the king," Zero said, waving his arms about like some sort of storyteller, "Monstroth tried to get him, but the evil guy was too good! He escaped with the help of another bad man."

Bain tried to comprehend the tale, but couldn't match it to any other story. It kind of matched up to The Great War's beginning, though it lacked several key people. All Bain could do was continue to listen.

"So Monstroth went of to train and become more powerful, so he could take on Rhazin," Zero said, now holding a stick he had found on the ground. The boy sure was eccentric. "And Rhazin went and won the Great Race by cheating! Then, he killed the Firstborn Murdos and took her powers."

Bain was now convinced this was a fairy tale, just like the stories of Dragons and Wizards he had heard in the past. He sighed. In a fairy tale, everything was made up. There was no way to tell where this kid came from.

"Then, Rhazin went and took over a country. Monstroth found out about it, but he was too late. He had to fight just to save his own kingdom. Then, they all ran away from Rhazins huge army." The boy was growing excited. He wasn't very good at telling stories, but it was passing the time, so Bain didn't mind. He found himself retelling the tale in his head in a better way, as he usually did when people told him tales horribly.

"So Monstroth and Rhazin fought and Monstroth won! But the army still came, forcing the others to all run to the Saved Lands." Zero paused to make sure Bain was listening. It was obvious he was reaching the end of his little tale. "And Monstroth gave up his life to create a huge wall to protect the Saved Lands from Rhazins evil army!"

Zero finished, then bowed. Bain clapped at the boy. Even though it wasn't told well, Bain could imagine what kind of tale it had been. No doubt an enchanting one.

"Well done," Bain said, eyeing the sun. It was almost time. "Now, I want you to help me prep Dalzig." The boy grew wide eyed. "Is something wrong?"

"No," he muttered, "But I was told not to mess with horses. They are too expensive and someone could get mad." Zer must have been from an extremely poor town if he thought horses were that expensive. Sure, a good horse cost a good bit, but some horses were really cheap.

"It's fine," Bain said. He was more worried about Dalzig hurting Zero than the other way around. The warhorse was very picky about who rode it.

Together, the two of them set up Dalzig. Zero did his best to help, but with Dalzig eyeing him the entire time and his own fear of touching a horse, the boy was next to useless. Since the saddle was nearly as heavy as Zero was probably, so Bain hadn't really been counting on the boy.

"Come on," Bain said when he finished buckling the last of the saddles straps, "It's time to head on."

The End

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