Monstroth the HeroMature

Zero tore into the dried meat that Bain had given him. The poor child acted like he hadn't had food in days. His small frame didn't help prove otherwise.

Stirring the fire, Bain thought on his next move. It would be about another hour at least before Dalzig would be ready. Luckily, Zero weighed next to nothing, so the black warhorse would be able to easily carry him as well.

"What's the horse's name, old man?" Zero asked between bites. It seemed as though the politeness he had shown earlier was all a cover. Bain sighed and stood up.

"Its Dalzig," Bain said, gathering his maps and belongings from the ground. He had been looking through them before he had fallen asleep. It was almost time to go so he needed to get them up. "Zero, aren't you worried that I could be a bad man?" Bain asked.

"Zero looked back and smiled. "It's impossible, old man," he said innocently, "Because a bad man wouldn't give me food." It made sense, though Bain was sceptical. He ignored it though. He wouldn't leave a small child out in the woods alone. But, he also wouldn't let anything slow him.

"Hey when are we leaving?" Zero asked after Bain had gathered his belongings. The child was impatient too? And here Bain had thought the child mature. He sighed.

"About an hour from now," Bain said as he settled at the fire. Zero sat on the opposite side. "How about you tell me a story?" Maybe he could get an idea of where Zero came from.

"Hmmmmm. I guess, but you may already know it," Zero said, twiddling his thumbs. A popular story was perfect. Bain was a widely traveled man, so he knew a good bit of popular works. Maybe he knew this one. "It's called Monstroth the Hero."

The End

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