Child of Cain (part 2)Mature

Bain dared not move. The child had just been thrown almost ten feet away by a kick that had killed men before. Yet he only had a bruise and some pain. What was he?

Bain snapped out of it. There was a chance the boy backed up before Bain's kick connected, and that could have taken the blunt of the damage out. Yeah, that had to be it. There was no other way that this crying child could survive Bain's attack otherwise. Wait, why wasn't Bain helping the child?

Bain moved forward and placed a gentle hand on the child. He flinched away, but didn't move otherwise. Was he used to getting hit, or was he just shocked? "Are you ok?" Bain said in the warmest voice he could muster. No need to scare the kid anymore. 

The child stared at him, still wimpering. "Why... why did you hit me..?" He asked in an innocent sort of way.

Bain felt a pang of guilt. "I'm sorry, you startled me," Bain said calmly.

"Oh! Ok!" the boy said suddenly and stood up. Any hint he had been crying was gone as well. Bain was positively stunned. This kid was too odd. 

"You're... not mad?" Bain asked. The child shook his head and bowed.

"I'm sorry I scared you, gersha," the child said slowly.

Bain's mouth dropped. Aside from the dirty clothes he wore and bruise on his face, this child looked like a prince! Why was he out here?

"What's your name, son?" Bain asked. He decided he might as well bring him to Paris with him. The child might be recognized or might recognize a familiar face.

The child looked down. Did he not remember his own name? "Brother and Sister told me not to give out my name to those I do not know," he said in a formal tone. Bain was pleasantly surprised. Whoever this boy's family were, they were teaching him well. Or... they were trying to cut costs...

Bain shook off the thought. What was it with his Dark Self that made him think such things whenever Bain met new people? He sighed and stood. 

"How about I call you Zero?" Bain offered. The kid seemed confused. "That was my little brother's name. You like him when he was younger is all." 

The boy smiled at this. "And I'll call you Old Man," Zero said, "Because you remind me of my master."

Bain squinted and sighed again, this time in annoyance. But he would let this kid get away with it, he supposed. After all, how could Bain get mad at a child?

"Come, son," Bain said, turning away, "Let's get you some food." 

The boy got excited and followed quickly.

The End

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