Dream of the Unholy (End)Mature

Bain’s adrenaline drained from him as he walked to retrieve the strange sword. He didn’t feel himself today, for some reason. Where was he anyway? For some reason every memory of his seemed hazy, as if they were a faint dream.

The sword came free with ease. It was still an odd blade, but for some reason Bain didn’t care. All he could focus on was the strange creature in front of him. It looked like an old man. For some reason it seemed familiar.

Looking around, Bain noticed bones laying across the ground. He wasn’t surprised at the sight, but he did wonder where they came from.

“You’re starting to fade,” a voice said. Bain looked at the creature once more, and was surprised when he saw it.

“Fade?” Bain said then thought hard on why he said the word fade. Had he been asking something?

“It matters not,” the creature said, “You must be tested. Focus and you will cease to fade.”

Bain simply stood there examining the strange sword. When had he picked it up? Why was it so light. Swinging it, he realized once more that it was incredibly light. It was odd. Where had he gotten such a light blade?

An axe swung toward Bain’s neck and instincts took over. Bain jumped back into a roll and came up in the Standard Falcon stance, which placed the blade perpendicular to the body. He had used this stance with larger swords. It would help balance the weight and utilize the length of the weapon to the max capability. Though weight was not an issue, the length of his sword was nearly the same as Bain’s body, making the stance very useful.

Before Bain, a figure cloaked in darkness stood holding a massive silver axe. It seemed to be waiting for something.

“Have you finished your thought?” the shadowy figure asked in a gruff voice, “because now you fade.” He readied his axe.

“What does it mean to fa-“ Bain was cut off as the figure lunged at him, axe swinging wildly. Bain struggled to dodge and block, yet the man was faster.

The next moment, Bain lay on the ground, his vision and mind fading in and out. The figure stood above him.

“You fail the first chance,” it said the figure as its axe swung towards Bain’s neck.

Darkness consumed all.

The End

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