Dream of the Unholy (3)Mature

                Two blades, one aimed at Bain’s neck, the other at his gut, missed him as Bain jumped back. The momentum of the strikes left his opponents unbalanced. Before they could regain balance, Bain jumped forward and sliced through both of the figures. He then used his momentum to roll away from a third strike aimed for his back.

                Bain realized he was being surrounded. Not good. They only had the skill of a common soldier, so individually they went down easy, yet if Bain was surrounded it could get difficult. Bain ran toward a small gap, and the skeletal warriors near the gap, and fell into his Straight Blade stance. The stance allowed him to fight while running, so it was well suited for raids or breaking defenses. It was Bain’s creation and even though it had been imitated constantly, no man had ever been as proficient at using Straight Blade as Bain was.

                Bain sliced through the three figures in his way, making himself no longer surrounded. The skeletal warriors seemed to realize he wasn’t going to give them that advantage, so they gave up slowly surrounding and charged. Bain smiled. This is what he was use to. Even without his army, Bain could handle the two dozen remaining skeletons.

                The first two to reach him fell to a swift Volcano strike, slicing their bodies in two at the waist. Bain grabbed one of their swords out of the air and ran toward the next closest figure. He blocked an initial strike with his massive blade, and used his salvaged blade to dispatch the axe-wielding entity. The form fell to pieces as another appeared, stabbing a spear at Bain. Bain dodged to the left and stabbed his salvaged blade into the figures sternum, grabbing the spear in place of his lost sword. He then threw his uniquely massive blade at another skeleton, who dodged with a roll. Bain followed up by sweeping the legs out from under another skeleton, grabbing another spear, and throwing the spear at the figure that had initially dodged his thrown sword.

                The hit was dead on and Bain smiled as he stabbed another skeleton with his spear’s head. He was doing well, considering he hadn’t fought in a war in a very long time. One by one, Bain dispatched all of his enemies. The skeletons hadn’t risen after they fell, just like any normal soldier would. It was odd in the first place, but Bain was happy for the win, especially with the odds against him. His competitive spirit wouldn’t allow him to not celebrate a victory.

The End

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