Dream of the Unholy (2)Mature

                Around him, Bain saw countless skeletal figures rising from the ground, each holding a weapon of some kind.

                Bain panicked. How could he fight with no weapon? He was experienced in hand to hand combat, but not enough to fight armed enemies! All of the skeletons seemed to move like trained soldiers when they headed his way. Bain felt doomed.

                To his right, about 20 paces away, Bain noticed a handle sticking out of the ground. No skeletons stood between the handle, which looked like an extended hilt. Bain knew it was a long shot, but he took the chance, not thinking about the consequences.

                A skeletal figure jumped between Bain and the hilt, swinging it’s blade toward his neck. Bain ducked and rolled, barely coming up in time to dodge another strike. Bain kicked at the skeleton’s leg, but it jumped back out of the way.

                ‘Just as I thought,’ Bain thought as he closed the distance between the hilt and himself, ‘they are trained well.’

                Bain grabbed the hilt and met a resistance. It was lodged in the ground. Bain pulled harder and thought he felt the hilt move. Behind him, Bain noticed the skeletons were coming closer. Bain pulled again and again, each time harder, until finally he ripped a large sword out of the ground. The momentum cause by his own strength caused Bain to fall to his arse. The sword, however, seemed to weigh nothing, so it simply stopped in midair before hitting Bain.

                It was an odd weapon, having a long hilt guard and wide blade extending almost four feet. Bain felt no weight in the weapon, almost as if it were a hallucination. Bain quickly got up, touching the blade to make sure it existed, and faced the skeletons. They had gotten closer but seemed to be taking their time. Bain couldn’t guess why, nor did he care to. Readying his new blade, which he was still amazied was real, Bain prepared to fight.

                The first skeleton wielded a sword – it was the same one that almost beheaded him earlier – and went down easily now that Bain could fight back. It swung high, aiming for Bain’s neck once more, and missed when Bain ducked yet again. Bain quickly used Flowing Stream to slice the skeleton in two a split second later. It was the perfect move after ducking, because the upward slicing was hard to dodge.

                More came after Bain, but he no longer felt the fear. He could fight back now. He could make a change. So he did.

                Blocking a blow from a large axe, Bain kicked the skeleton that wielded the blade’s feet out from under him. As the figure fell, Bain shoved the axe away with his immense blade and sliced the skeleton in two. More ghastly forms came at him, so Bain put his sword in the basic Daigaro stance. It was a simple stance, yet extremely effective.  It was ideal for facing multiple enemies.

The End

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