Dreams of the UnholyMature

There are people in the world that are movers. These people forward the human race in many ways. There are also those that act as stoppers for this world. This is a story of those people meant to stop. But first, they must gather.

Bain Van Rose – former commander of armies, hero of countless campains, and even called insurpassable by friend and foe alike – ran in terror for his life.

                Bain did not know what chased him, nor did he care so long as he escaped it. He didn’t even chance a look, not that it would matter. The entirety of the strange place he was in was covered in mist so dense Bain couldn’t see his feet. He tried to find something to help clear the fog; a fire maybe?

                Looking around caused Bain to unintentionally realize he wore no clothing. It was a mild realization, however, as a shrill cry came from his pursuer. Slowly, but surely, the sound of bones grinding got louder. Bain’s terror grew, if it was even possible, when something cold and slender grabbed his ankle. It pulled at him, forcing Bain to run harder in order to keep his speed.

                As he ran, Bain noticed he could see his body. He could also see the skeleton that clung to his ankle. Bain screamed and tried to shake the monstrous entity off him. But no matter how hard he kicked, the skeleton just clutched his leg harder. ‘This can’t be real!’ Bain screamed as he noticed something about the hand. It’s index and small finger were missing. The skeleton was his fathers.

                Bain’s foot caught something and he fell too swiftly to catch himself. Cursing himself for allowing his shock to distract him, Bain tried to rise. On his back, however, was the skeleton that belonged to his father. It held him down.

                Terror continued to rise as Bain struggle to rise, but to no avail. The skeleton felt as if it weighed as much as a wagon, or it seemed to at least. It seemed as if he was caught, but Bain wouldn’t give up so easily. Before he could act, however, a blinding light appeared ahead of him, causing him to tightly shut his eyes.

                It seemed like forever, but eventually the light dimmed and Bain slowly peeked through his eyelids, gradually adjusting to the brightness. He made out the form of a small robed man. It was odd, but it seemed as if the light were coming from the man.

                The weight on his back lifted and Bain quickly rolled to a standing position, examining his surroundings and watching for movement. It was odd, but it seemed the entire area was a flat surface, the only people being there were Bain and the small stranger. His eyes had adjusted to the light some more so Bain could see the figures head. The sight shocked him.

                Bain thought him another skeleton at first, but realized it was an elderly man with his skin pulled tight across his face. Almost as if he was diseased, nearing death to boot. Across his face lay a twisted smile that seemed to contradict the glow coming off him. A few strands of hair seemed to poke out from his head. The man looked as if he were Death’s incarnate.

                Bain somehow knew he had to leave. There was a feeling of dread coming off the man. Something was wrong. Bain looked around and suffered another of his many shocks since coming to this place. 

The End

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