The Gathering

One flickering candle. A moaning creaking tower. Five extraordinary people brought only together by desperation, and chance.

Chapter one: Jeremy

Four people stood around a table talking in menacing, hushed, tones. Only one candle illuminated the long, crumbling, room that seemed to shiver. Was it because of the cruel, cold wind? Or was it the people who stood inside? One couldn't tell. From their dark silhouettes, Jeremy could only make out that one was a woman. She seemed to hold authority.

Of course, I ought to mention that Jeremy was in the room too, which actually makes five people; but he was hiding crouched in a coat closet trying to make out what they were saying, so it doesn't really count. As he crouched in the coat closet, he tried to not breathe too loudly. In Jeremy's opinion, any people who met in crumbling buildings, and whispered together by candlelight, probably wouldn't have any qualms about strangling an old janitor.

"Are you sure this is the only way we can finish this?" Jeremy strained to see. It was the tall, thin man by the window who had spoken. The woman sighed.

"Unless we find an errand boy in the next ten minutes, yes, it is. I hate the idea of burning a hospital down as much as you do, Ralph." Jeremy's breath caught. They were going to burn down a hospital? What kind of sick people burned down a hospital? He thought about it. Vampires probably. When his breath caught however, his throat dried, and Jeremy Krimk felt a cough coming on.

The End

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