Sense (Mariah)

Vasker isn't your ideal home.

There are riots.

Every night.


Last night, I was trying to go to bed, and I was lying with just the light of a candle and a stone came through my window. "Witch" came the chants, "Witch,witch,witch". Now, I can make this clear. I am NOT a witch, and there is no such thing as a witch. At least not in Vasker.

Anyway, I jumped out of bed, naturally, and straight onto the broken glass. I swore, naturally, and began to bleed, naturally. But then I just.. stopped bleeding.

I woke up in the 7th hour of the sun. No glass, no stone. No Scar. I pulled myself out of bed and out of the front door, drawing my cloak about me as I went. I knew today would be special.. different... an adventure. The chanting last night had told me one thing... If I didn't leave by myself, they would force me to, or worse, kill me.

The End

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