The Gateway

Again, my sister inspired me for this story. So far I've only written a very sort prologue... let me know what you think..




I've always felt alone in the world.

My parents have never felt like a couple and me two siblings exclude me. At school I'm rather quiet, but everyone knows who I am.

I have a busy life- one that you would find strange. I go to school like any other 14 year old girl, but just for the morning. I leave school at 1pm. Its at 1.29pm exactly that my job starts.

One thing that I haven't mentioned yet is that my world consists of just two villages: Knockton and Daffoli. My world is a world between two other worlds. Our world is called Nahlem, meaning 'star' in the ancient language. In Nahlem we ship people between the two worlds either side of us.

Only one person living in Nahlem can be The Gateway between the worlds. They are a person in Nahlem, yes, but their soul is divided in three: a tree in each of the worlds (True Earth and Vasker) and a human in Nahlem.

I am The Gateway. My name is Mercy. This is the story of my life; of friendship; of love; of hate; and of fate. This is a story of war, and what happens when three worlds collide.

The End

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