Let's Go

I went into my room labeled with the number 1, she gives me a variety of weapons to choose from, I choose the sword as I am I like swords LOTS. After I chose my weapon he hands me some purple armor it kind of looks like halo armor but shinier. My trainer tells me his name is John, John pulls a lever and some parkor trials pop out from the walls.My trainer hooks me up to a harness that will hold me if i fall he then tells me that these wont be there when The Games actually start, I get put on the starting ground of the parkor session i jump the first ten jumps then it gets harder from timed jumps to swinging from ledge to ledge. i fall but my harness catches me i try that jump again and get it, I do this all day for four days, on the third day I get to do the parkor with out the harness on the fourth, the enemies pop up I slice the first ones head off i like to do that for some reason. Finally "The Games" start on the fifth day I see all three parkor and quiz chambers, the count down starts, 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1 I start my parkor and it is harder that the stuff that I did in my training "The Games" goes on for 7 days 4 for training, 3 for "The Games". the parkor was hard i had to defeat many enemies with my bare hands only to get yo my sword. later came the quiz

The End

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