getting started

He had stared at me with a frightened face then said, "What happens to the people that go in? do they ever come out?!?!" I sighed and said "sometimes, other times they fail the tests and die.", then after a couple seconds I said. "We all meet the circumstances but they are just waiting, waiting to suck us into those awful games. I will get chosen, you will too just some day. It doesn't matter if you're the first person in this town or the last they will suck you up into those retched games just like the rest." He looked at me with a frightened face. "maybe you wont get chosen anytime soon I hope." I said trying to cheer him up. he smirked a little bit then said that he had to leave because it was getting dark out, we hugged and said out goodbyes and he left to his house in the light that was left from the sunset. I staggered off to bed after I cleaned up a bit, the bed didn't feel right that night I had a dream that I had been in the games. I woke up to a start when the daylight peered through my window. later I had gone to the store where I had gotten some general things but something different I had gotten a nice little potted flower. Later I had gone over to his house, I knocked on the door and he let me inside I gave him the plant as a house warming gift he thanked me then put it by the door. I asked, "hey I've never had a chance to ask your name?" he said, "My name is Drake." he smiled and laughed. "They are going to choose the people for "The Games" tomorrow afternoon." I left a while later, on my walk home I walked past peoples houses and thought how it would feel to be in that family. the bed felt a little warmer that night I stared up to my bright white roof and fell asleep. the next day the game maker came into the town and chose three people me, Drake, and David. they had thrown us into this big room with no furniture in it just three trainers, the first was a man he looked quite gay, but strong. the second was a girl she looked fit and smart. the third was a man who looked kind of like Ryan Gosling and looked focused on something in his mind. I got the 1st trainer David got the 2nd and Drake got the 3rd we all went into three seperate rooms all labeled with different numbers.

The End

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