This story is about a man who moves away from his city life to find something new but there is something he doesn't know about his new town. this town has "The Games". "The Games" is where the game makers select a person the meets the qualifications that are needed, if you are selected you are transported to "The Game Room" where you will be trained and tested. If you know too much the game makers can grab you and erase your mind then, place you in a location known as "The Rejects" if you are bu



He had lived in the town of Vegas then he moved, to the small town of gamesville where he got a blood sample taken and his picture taken, like everyone when they enter this town. he had came through the gates and a giant buzzer rang. I came out of my house and look at him he looked like every single guy that comes in here well the first day at least, I had greeted him and showed him his house that had popped up from the ground like all houses, I let him into his house and told him that if he needed any help, I was there. The next day i heard a knock on the door it was him he didn't need help he just wanted to say hi i had let him in and he had gotten close him and I untill he asked me that one question, the one question that had started it all his insanity, his loss of memory, everything. What was the question you ask? he asked "why do they call it Gameville?" I had stuttered a little bit but "It's called Gameville because we have "The Games" every three months, the game makers, well they choose 1-3 people and they take them into "The Game Room" where they do tests and crazy stuff to  train them for "The Games" where every game is designed differently each time i hear this time it's themed with parkor, and quizzes."

The End

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