Big Trouble Big Lies


“Now what?”

“Well, we could…”

“Tried that already, dork.”

“How about tightening the thingy?”

“What good would that do, huh?!”

“I’m just trying help you out, Bro!”

“Well, you are not helping, so stop trying!”

“Geez, don’t get your boxers in a bunch, Cal!”

“Just get in the car, before I lose it, Amy!”

“I’m calling our mom and begging her to come get us.”

“If you do, I’m gonna tell her about the concert last week!”

“Then I’ll tell her about the fake ID you use to get beer!”

“Does she even KNOW about Ben sneaking in through your window every other night?”

“I’m calling Uncle Monty’s shop so he can bring the tow truck to rescue us.”

“Monty might keep his mouth shut for a while, but he’ll let it slip one day.”

“We will just have to cook up a really good lie about driving a drunken friend home.”

“Hey, this is Jess, Monty’s favorite niece, and I’m in sort of a teensy bit of a bind. My brother and I were driving a friend home from a study group and our car kinda broke down.”

The End

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